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Spider-Man Can Show up in Venom 2 According to New Sony Marvel Deal

Spider-Man Back In MCU With The New Deal:

Sony and Marvel have a new deal that has fans all hyped up. The two companies are working out a deal to end the Spider-Man: Homecoming Trilogy. They are trying to end it the way it should finish. With this, we can expect Spider-Man Back In MCU officially. Tom Holland’s Spider-Man and Co. will officially return to the MCU for one last movie.

The New Deal Between Marvel and Sony:

With this, it is also important to understand the other minute details of the deal between the studios. According to the deal, there will be more fluidity where Spider-Man is concerned. It will allow Spidey to move more freely between the studios as well as the franchises.

To put simply, Spidey will be free to appear in the upcoming films from Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters. Moreover, the superhero will be able to do so even now. This will be in addition to appearing in a final film in the MCU. This also implies that we might see Spider-Man In Venom 2.

Kevin Feige On Spider-Man Back In MCU:

Marvel president Kevin Feige also has comments about Spider-Man’s new superpower to cross cinematic universes. He says that he is happy that Spidey’s journey will continue in the MCU. Moreover, he is excited about the fact that they get to keep working on it. According to Feige, Spider-Man is a powerful icon as well as a great hero. He is one whose story spreads across all ages and audience all around the world.

In addition to this, he is also the only hero who can cross various cinematic universes. In saying so, you may never know what the future might hold with Spider-Man Back In MCU. This could also be while Sony continues to develop its own Spidey-Verse.

Spider-Man In Venom 2:

After the split between Sony and Marvel, the former quickly went ahead with Venom 2. Reports also suggested that Andy Serkis will be taking the helm as director. Sony also confirmed that Woody Harrelson’s Carnage will also be in focus in the film.

Furthermore, there were assumptions that Sony would use Spider-Man In Venom 2 to turn it into an event film. This could potentially launch an entire Spider-Man spinoff universe as well.

Despite all of this, it seems like Sony’s goals for Venom 2 have not changed at all. This also makes sense in the fact that fans will get closure to Spidey’s story. In addition to that, Spidey will also have his one last solo film in the Marvel Universe.

Regardless, this will do nothing to help Sony launch the Spider-verse it needs to support Spider-Man. However, a Venom-Spider-Man-Carnage crossover certainly has the potential to do so.

Source: ComicBook.com


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