Spider-man Far From Home: A very unique and “Mysterio’s” Plot by Marvel

As far as the top trending movies of all time are considered, we can now say that Marvel has bagged its righteous position.

Spider-man Far From Home has been the latest parts that have given us a sneak peek in the marvel universe.

Introduction of “Mysterio” was a different concept that marvel ventured into.

Spoiler alert marvel fans! The latest movie’s plot was quite different as compared to the other movies.

In this particular movie, the character development was quite unique as the superhero seen as a savior in the start turns out to be the villain itself.

Also, the entire fight was not against someone with extremely powerful supernatural powers, but with someone who was smartly using the latest technology itself.

This movie battled against technology as the villain.

Mysterio started out as a good guy who tried to help out spider man or peter parker. The plot twist was when the new, good guy turned into one of the most powerful villains faced by spider-man all alone.

The film led up the good image for this new superhero as long as they could.

According to an interview, the Marvel team had accepted that there will be people who are highly familiar with the comics and will see right through the plot itself. However, you cannot always worry about that.

The movie was built to take it as far as possible and make Mysterio look like the good guy that he was pretending to be so that when the twist came, people were still hooked inside the movie.

It is hard to surprise Marvel fans as almost all of them are now familiar with how unpredictable the storyline is, which makes them guess the weirdest things that could take place.

However, as mentioned, this part of Spider-man was a little different from other marvel concepts due to the different build of the character.

Despite knowing or guessing Mysterio to be the bad guy, it was still a guess about how that would be revealed exactly when the story was being played out.

The scene inside the cafeteria when it is finally revealed that Mysterio was playing out the entire plot and wasn’t a good guy was a brilliant idea to reveal the surprise.

The scene was not something easy to predict as no one could ever imagine an entire café to vaporize because – spoiler alert again – it was never there in reality, it was just a technological mirage created by our genius villain.

The scene also revealed exactly why Mysterio was the villain and why he wanted his part of the revenge.

Mysterio was the ex-employee of stark enterprise who had been kicked out by our beloved Tony along with a few others as well.

All those had formed a team with Mysterio their leader, pretending to show the entire universe that he was the greatest hero of all the time by using technology without any persistence of some real threat.

Marvel also included one of the most popular characters, Fury. The humor along with mystery and excitement has been at par in this latest spider-man version.

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