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Spider-Man: Far From Home Toy Reveals Mysterio’s Big Secret

Spider-Man: Far from Home trailer introduced us with our beloved Spider-Man and one more hero called ‘Mysterio’ battling.

Since then fans have been wondering whether the new foes had any connections to some classic Spider-Man villains.

Now, with the release of the first wave of toys, it seems like those theories were correct!

MCU fans were just curious to get into the new character Mysterio.

He is likely more promotional material from the movie shows Jake Gyllenhaal’s character as an ally to Peter Parker and S.H.I.E.L.D.

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Far From Home quick recap…

Spider-Man far from home shows the aftermath of Endgame events.

Peter Parker to yell out mind-boggling experience that led to his death in Avengers: Infinity War get up his trip to Europe with his friends.

A romantic corner may be introduced in the flick between Peter and MJ(Zendaya), who figures out his secret identity.

The same was hinted in the promotional clips released for the film.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like he’ll have a lot of time to focus on himself with a slew of threats hounding his trip.

Nick Fury already had some plans for the kid hero. He teamed Peter and Mysterio for a mission.

Mysterio came to our universe with the events of Endgame which opened a time portal between the two.

However, Peter would need to keep his guards up around his so-called newfound ally, as indicated in a new piece of merchandise from the film.

A leak…..Spoiler!

As reported by CBR, A Imgur user shared a photo of a Far From Home Mysterio figure.

While the snap doesn’t reveal what the actual toy looks like, what’s more, interesting is the character description in the box.

It reads: “MYSTERIO IS A MASTER OF ILLUSION AND A SWORN ENEMY OF SPIDER-MAN” confirming that Beck cannot be trusted – something that comic book readers may already know about.

In the comic world, Mysterio has always been known as a Spider-Man villain. So with the introduction of him to the movie, fans may be seeing this as a twist.

He was actually already posed to be Far From Home’s primary bad guy, even before Gyllenhaal’s casting to the role.

Trailers doubled down on that by showing Beck hanging out with Peter as if he’s giving the young hero a pep talk during these difficult times.

And since he’s just lost his mentor, he’s susceptible to being deceived by another person posing as someone who presents himself as someone who wants the best for him.

Its quite believed that Mysterio will go against Peter and Nick in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

This may be a cause for concern for some as this can be taken as a straight-up spoiler.

Earlier Homecoming had some credit scenes revealing much of the emotional confrontation between Stark and Spider-Man on the rooftop.

It was highly criticized among the viewers but it was still able to save the narrative’s biggest reveal in the movie itself.

This time also we got to hear from Tom Holland that something similar can happen again.

So, there might be more to get into Mysterio’s secrets which we will see on July 2, this summer.

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