Spider Man is a criminal! A vigilante! A public menace!. Psychopath.

Those who think Spider-Man is a so-called Superhero the Saviour of the City, then let me tell you, You are wrong! Everyone who believes this is having some severe problem recognizing this criminal, how can he be a hero!. As far we can see, wherever he goes, there’s always death and destruction, always innocent people suffer from the action of this psychopath.

A Masked Menace

Photo Credit: Marvel

He is a coward! Who’s always behind the mask so that he wouldn’t have to answer his consequences. We cannot allow this vigilante to take the law into his own hand. He is a bad influence on our youngsters of this generation. He Swings all over New York City by making it dirty with his ugly Sticky Web. Children may try to imitate his fantastic feats, which is very dangerous. Therefore, I say that Spiderman must be outlawed! there is no place for such a dangerous creature in our fair city!”

Appreciate Real Heroes!

Photo Credit: Marvel

Youths need to be taught who the real heroes are, and the well-deserving Superheroes are Police, Militaries, Firefighters, Astronauts, Doctors, and many more who are serving their country. Some are risking their lives to keep you safe while others are making a better world for your future, not this fake Spider-man, an evil psychopath wielding powers he has no right to possess, trying to pass himself off as a hero.

Mysterio Is A Real Hero

Have a look at the Exclusive report from the Dailybugle:

He was not born on Earth – at least, not our Earth, but he gave his life protecting it, and this video is all the proof we need. If only the people weren’t fed such lies about him. If only the so-called superhero charged with helping him didn’t betray him instead. As authorities no doubt begin their search for the murderer known as Spider-Man, the Bugle wants to take a moment to thank Mysterio. A.K.A. Quentin Beck, for the little time we had with this magnificent hero.

The details of his life before becoming a hero are understandably thin. As the so-called Elementals came to our Earth, they attacked Mexico, Italy, and the Czech Republic, each being defeated by Mysterio in spectacular fashion. He was as handsome as he was powerful – and mysterious, to boot! Thus, the name! Had the world finally found a new superhero into which to put their hard-won trust?

In his final moments, Mysterio once again stood for truth and justice in a world gone mad, warning the world that Spider-Man was using dangerous technology to con his way into the hearts and minds of the world. He also provided the Bugle a lead to an even bigger story. We are still working on deciphering the encryption. Still, the details could reveal an earth-shattering consequence, which we will soon publish! Watch this space!

Rest In Peace, Mysterio

Photo Credit: Marvel Comics

In the end, Mysterio was not simply the greatest superhero of all time, but he was also the second-most important correspondent in Daily Bugle history (second only to J. Jonah Jameson himself, of course). So thanks for the scoop, Mysterio.

This article is made for fun purposes, and please don’t take it seriously. We all love our Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman.

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