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Spider Man No Way Home | 10 Essential Details In The Trailer You’ve Missed


After much anticipation, Sony and Marvel Studios released the first trailer for Spider-Man: No Return Home.  In addition to freaking fans out by giving an idea of ​​the story of Tom Holland’s new adventure as Peter Parker, the preview also brought the return of many familiar faces from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and other universes.

As everything happens so fast and the emotion speaks louder, we have seen and revised the trailer to highlight 10 key moments you should pay close attention to when viewing the preview. They are invitations to speculation, references to the future and present of the MCU, and tips on more secrets in the film’s history. Check the table:

Doctor Strange is wearing the Eye of Agamotto

Marvel Studios/Sony Pictures

The Eye of Agamotto is actually the time stone in the MCU, something that Strange wears and uses in the first Doctor Strange and Avengers Infinity War.

However, he sacrifices the time stone to Thanos in “Infinity War,” All of the infinity stones are later returned to their own timelines at the end of “Avengers Endgame.” So, in Strange’s current timeline, he doesn’t actually have the time stone. Perhaps he is just wearing the Eye of Agamotto for the drip, or maybe there’s another reason he’s still wearing it. There seems to be a lot of stuff going on.

Peter Parker Detained; Will Matt Murdock Be There?

Marvel Studios/Sony Pictures

After scenes that show public opinion turning against him (including JK Simmons’ voice as J. Jonah Jameson making himself heard in opposition to the hero), Peter is led by police to testify to the death of Quentin Beck the Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal). According to rumors circulating online for some time, this would be the scene in which Marvel Studios would introduce Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) to MCU, rescuing this version of the character seen in the series of Daredevil on Netflix. Will be? I would say the guy in the white shirt with the black-tie is definitely not the Matt Murdock because the way this guy was coming towards the room from outside was way too fast. On the other hand, Matt wouldn’t do that. He pretends to be blind to the public, so he walks slow and always carries his stick, which we didn’t saw here. Therefore he isn’t it, or I can be wrong! You know, time will reveal anyway. But don’t worry, we will get to see Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock as it’s been confirmed by the insider Daniel Richtman that Matt will have 10 minutes of his role, not in the trailers but in the film.

Spider Man In Alternative Realities

Marvel Studios/Sony Pictures

The dialogue between Peter and Stranger is quickly interrupted by a scene showing the Stubborn, dressed in a black uniform previously demonstrated by collectibles (apparently a magical costume conjured by Stephen Strange to aid the hero), running in what appears to be a community aid center. Fans of the comics speculate that it may be a unit of the F.E.S.T.A., which seems even in the character’s last two games. However, there is another possibility: the scenario could be from an alternate reality, which would justify the rush, confusion, and rush of the hero in the scene.

Where Is Wong Actually Going?

Marvel Studios/Sony Pictures

On the way back to the Sancto Sanctorum, Wong (Benedict Wong) warns Doctor Strange against using the spell Peter asks for. At the same time, carrying many suitcases into a portal. Since we know that the wizard appears in Shang-Chi, perhaps the new Spider-Man takes place almost simultaneously with that movie? Or maybe he is going somewhere else as to why would anyone want to fight Abomination in his vacation.

Mephisto’s Involvement?

Marvel Studios/Sony Pictures

After signing a pact with the demon Mephisto, Peter Parker had part of his story erased in the comics, a character still unseen but have heard of a lot in the MCU. Here, it appears that Doctor Strange is the protagonist of something similar. Still, the film hints that the interference of an anxious Parker is what causes instability in Strange’s spell. The result is fission between reality and time, which causes the convergence of multiple universes within the reality of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man.

Doctor Strange Teaches A Lesson To Spider Man

Marvel Studios/Sony Pictures

After explaining this to Peter in an off-screen narration, Doctor Strange appears to apply his master’s signature coup, the Crone (Tilda Swinton), to separate Peter Parker from his body on the physical plane.  Before that, he claims that the split of personalities between the young man and his heroic alter-ego, Spider-Man, amplifies the harmful consequences of the fission of the multiverse. Unfortunately, the trailer doesn’t explain the function of the big box that appears in Peter’s hand at that moment. It could be Orb of Agamotto, which can be used to teleport others to their universe or to travel into Agamotto’s personal realm; they can use this to kick back the multiverse villains to their home.

 Happy Hogan In The Miracle Of The Assassins

Marvel Studios/Sony Pictures

Every Spider-Man fan knows that where there’s Peter Parker, there’s a significant tendency for there to be a tragedy as well.  In this scene, Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau) appears in a situation that promises to be dramatic for both the hero and the audience: cornered by a platoon armed with rifles aimed directly at Tony Stark’s eternal driver, bodyguard, and friend. Will Spider-Man: No Return Home have the character’s farewell? Who has been part of the MCU since Iron Man (2008)?

 Peter Parker’s Fear! 

Marvel Studios/Sony Pictures

Some sinister figure seems to hit a magical barrier right behind Peter Parker in a very dark scene. On social media, fans speculated that it was someone being taken prisoner by Doctor Strange inside the Sanctum Sanctorum. As for the creature’s identity, the chances range from Venom to Lizard to simple, unpretentious comic relief.

Tobey Maguire’s Black-Suited Spider-Man?

Marvel Studios/Sony Pictures

There have been endless rumors for variants of Spider-Mans. Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield could be appearing in this movie. While they’ve denied such rumors (as the Holland), it still seems likely they’ll be appearing given all of the past villains being re-introduced here.

A cowering Spider-Man can be spotted in the bottom corner of the clip, where the lightning and sand can be seen. However, this Spidey is wearing a black suit. While Tom Holland is seen wearing a black Spider-Man suit earlier in the trailer, this suit here looks a little different. The white lines look much thicker and resemble the black suit Tobey Maguire wore in his Spider-Man 3.

Doctor Octopus Says ‘Hello Peter’ To Tobey Maguire’s Spider Man

Marvel Studios/Sony Pictures

Closing with a golden key, Alfred Molina revives (with digital rejuvenation) the role of Otto Octavius, Doctor Octopus, coming out of the smoke of the George Washington Bridge destruction and saying “hi” to Peter Parker.  Although the preview edition suggests that he is talking to the character played by Tom Holland, people are speculating that he may be in dialogue with Tobey Maguire’s version of his own universe. Confirmation, however, is still pending by Marvel Studios.

What also remains to be seen is whether there will be enough villain returns to set the Sinister Sextet’s first reunion on the big screen, a project that has stirred Sony’s expectations since the post-credits scene in Spider-Man 2 (2014).  If so, more villains should be confirmed in the new MCU movie by release.

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