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Spider-Man: No Way Home Wraps Up Filming

Finally, Spider-Man: No Way Home becomes the first project that has been wrapped without any problems in the middle due to the pandemic.

Done & Dusted

Stunt Coordinator of Spider-Man: No Way Home has taken to his official Instagram page to post that the filming of the sequel is over.

We are yet to receive farewell messages from the other main cast and crew, but it looks like the movie is done with its filming in Atlanta.

According to the post, George Cottle thanks everyone, including the stars, for their hard work and thinks that this is one of the most incredible projects. Well, we won’t argue there.

Is It A Schedule Wrap?

Since we have no confirmation from any other source as of now, we are considering this as a wrap for the crew in Atlanta.

Last we heard, the crew was shooting in a big stadium-sized place with blue screens. Many fans predicted that it might have been the final showdown.

If that was true, then maybe we are actually looking at a farewell message. While we are waiting for other stars to confirm this, there might be more to this.

Doctor Strange Done Filming?

We thought that Benedict Cumberbatch was done filming his part in the movie. But in a recent interview, he said yes and no, when asked if his shooting schedule was over.

So, fans thought that his role might actually be more significant and that the Spider-Man sequel shooting might be going on for some time.

Which Is More Feasible?

Image by Comic Book

Well, there are chances that the movie is wrapped up for good, and all that is left out is just post-production work.

This could also mean that we can expect a trailer soon. This could also mean that the cast and crew know what is true and which is just a theory, so we know fans are not going to leave them alone.

There are strong rumors now that Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire will have a cameo, but we have no idea what to believe.

We might have to wait till we get a trailer or till we get Tom Holland on some show, and he blabbers. It would be helpful if he just goes live on Insta and tells us that, but life is not that easy.

We will run and get you if we find out if the stars are done filming. You know where to stay tuned!

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