Spider-Verse 2: Andy Samberg CONFIRMED!

The Instagram account for Andy Samberg’s The Lonely Island revealed that the fan-favorite actor has a role in an upcoming 2023 Marvel film.

Andy Samberg has more than made a name for himself in Hollywood in the past two decades, having starred in countless popular films and series such as Hot Rod and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Samberg has also dipped his toes into animation on numerous occasions and is a skilled voice actor, but he hasn’t taken on a superhero role of any kind until now.

Andy Samberg To Have Part in Spider-Verse 2

The Lonely Island comedy trio’s official Instagram account posted a story revealing that two of the group’s members, Andy Samberg and Jorma Taccone, will play a role in Sony Pictures’ upcoming Marvel movie, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.

Check out their announcement below:

An Across the Spider-Verse poster with the caption “Jorm and Andy are “in” this!!

An Across the Spider-Verse poster with the caption “Jorm and Andy are “in” this!!
The Lonely Island

The caption reads “Jorm and Andy are ‘in’ this!!” Curiously, “in” has quotation remarks around it, perhaps implying that there’s a twist to whatever involvement Samberg and Taccone have in the film.

Taccone was also confirmed to be voicing the Vulture in Across the Spider-Verse last year.

This Is the Tale of Miles Morales

Samberg is best known for his classic sketches from Saturday Night Live, his Lonely Island music videos, and also for starring as Detective Jake Peralta in all eight seasons of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

He obviously has a set type of character he likes to play but has also shown a willingness to branch out into different types of roles in the past few years. And Samberg is no stranger to voice acting, currently starring in and executive producing Comedy Central’s Digman animated sitcom along with the Hotel Transylvania quadrilogy, amongst other projects.

So, who could he be playing in Spider-Verse 2? Well, for starters, it could be one of the many Spider-Variants that will crop up throughout the movie. Internet meme Spoderman has been glimpsed in the film’s marketing – maybe Samberg is lending him a voice?

There’s also the possibility that, given the wording of the above post’s caption, Andy Samberg doesn’t even voice a character at all. It could simply be that an image featuring the actor’s likeness could be shown at some point, much like how Donald Glover’s Troy Barnes from Community was seen displayed on a TV in the original Spider-Verse.

Whatever the case may be, Samberg joins an extremely talented cast, including the likes of Oscar Isaac and Hailee Steinfeld.

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse web swings its way into theaters on June 2.

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