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Spoilers For Third Episode Of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Revealed



We know that there is nothing more important to marvel fans right now than to think about what will go on tomorrow. So, here we bring some last-minute spoilers to you about the third episode of Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Second Episode – The OG Marvel

The last episode of the Falcon and the winter soldier had everything OG marvel projects have. The comedy, the action, the drama, the sadness, we barely had time to think.

Before we knew it, the episode was over, and we were left wanting for more. Something about TFATWS being longer than WandaVision is like Hot Cocoa on a cold night.

The second episode gave us a lot of information, some of which we are not yet done reeling in. One thing that sparked our joy was seeing Zemo in prison.

Run Time To Increase

Falcon And Winter Soldier’s Banter

We have very little info concerning the third episode tomorrow, but one of the most exciting ones would be the run time.

The second episode ran more than the first, and according to some reliable sources, the third episode will be longer.

Well, if the source is sure and to be trusted, the third episode is supposed to run for 54 minutes long.

Zemo Is Back!

We had a moment of cringe and happiness when we saw Zemo inside a prison even after the blip. We kept seeing him roaming the free world in the trailer, so that was not expected.

As far as we know, Flacon and Bucky have something to ask him to figure out the Flag Smashers, which two of them wouldn’t need to if they had the resources they had before.

So, instead of going to get new resources or trying the old ones, they choose to talk to the psychopath. Now, there are many chances that those scenes will be shown in this episode.

As of now, those are the spoilers we have and are sure to appear in the third episode.

Many even think that Sharon Carter will be back in this episode and that she may or may not be the Power Broker that Flag Smashers were talking about.

As far as we know, Sharon Carter has not been pardoned for her crimes and is still on the run. But she seriously deserves a pardon; after all, she just helped to reduce the chaos a little.

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