Spy X Family Episode 13 Release Date, Preview and Other Details!

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Will Loid find the penguin with the poison capsule at the aquarium? Who is the mysterious man who appears at the aquarium? Read this article to find out everything about Spy X Family Episode 13!

About Spy X Family Anime

Tatsuya Endo’s Spy X Family is a Japanese manga series he wrote and illustrated. The narrative centres around a spy who is compelled to “build a family” in order to perform a duty, not realizing that both the girl he adopts as a daughter and the lady he agrees to be in a sham marriage with are mind readers and assassins.

In December 2019, Brutus magazine included the series on their “Most Dangerous Manga” list, which covers works with the most thought-provoking themes.

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Recap of Spy X Family Episode 12

Since Episode 13 is not out yet, we can go over Episode 12 for the time being. To keep up the pretense of being Yor’s husband he takes his pretend family to the aquarium. Loid gathers from an undercover WISE agent on the train that his mission is to get a capsule which contains poison for the whole city. This capsule is in the belly of a penguin.

Spy X Family Episode 13

Anya uses her telepathy to investigate into the minds of young penguins. She draws Loid’s attention to an ailing penguin. Loid is able to get the capsule but he also notices that the penguin is marked, probably for the convenience of the enemy. A man approaches him and enquires about the penguin.

Spy X Family Episode 13

This man pretends to be a marine biologist and also shows an ID card to this effect but it turns out the ID is fake as the ink smudges when it comes in contact with water. Loid can’t go after the guy since he has to take care of the penguin but Anya manages to draw Yor’s attention to it.

Spy X Family Episode 13

Soon the stranger is apprehended. Loid wins Anya a plush penguin toy proving to the neighbours that he is a good father indeed. After coming back, Loid takes Anya and Yor to the sweet shop.

Spy X Family Episode 13 Preview and Spoilers

Spoilers for Episode 13 are not out yet. But we speculate that it will pick up with the poison plotline in the coming episodes. It is possible that there will be a new Forger in the upcoming season. Twilight gets a mission to hunt terrorists who are trying to bomb the city.

Anya uses her telepathy to learn about this plan and work with others to try and stop this. Eventually, Yor also becomes a part of the mission. Also, the Forger family gets a new member, who has superpowers as well

For the rest, stay tuned and visit our website regularly for updates!

Spy X Family Episode 13 Release Date

The Spy X Family episode 13 release date will be between October and December 2022. Since the first cour (instalment) of the anime’s first season is over, it will return in fall this year.

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Where to Watch Spy X Family Online?

Netflix announced that the Spy x Family anime would be available in some Asian regions, whereas Muse Asia will be streaming it in Southeast and South Asia. Fans from countries outside these regions may subscribe to Crunchyroll for $9.99 per month.

Spy x Family fans will be happy to know that they will get access to the site’s manga and anime collections, as well as ad-free shows and offline streaming.

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