Stark Week: The Many Loves of Tony Stark

Tony Stark has had a long list of romances with a lot of women. Along with one-night stands and weekend dates, he has also seriously dated several women. While some dated and left him, others have also shot him in the heart and left him paralyzed.

This does not even include the number of spies, superheroes or double agents he has courted in his lifetime!

Following is a list of some of Stark’s meaningful yet complicated relationships over the years.


Source: Spider-Man Homecoming

Known as the most well-known love interests of Tony Stark, Pepper Potts also used to work for him. The two of them had way fewer romantic encounters and interactions than what is believed. She eventually married Happy Hogan after getting caught up in a love triangle where Stark was the third point. The two have dated a few times, but that didn’t last long.


Madame Natasha was a Russian woman who Stark had met and fallen for in the Tales of Suspense. They dated for a brief period before he found out that Natasha was a spy who worked for the Black Widow. Since then, Natasha Romanoff has become a close comrade of Stark when she became an Avenger after giving up on all her former alliances.


Whitney Frost In ‘Agent Carter’

Tony Stark has had one of his most complicated relationships with Whitney Frost, nicknamed Madame Masque. Due to their long on-and-off relationship, Stark was the most hurt he was ever seen. The two dated regardless of her past as Big M of the Maggia and as an enforcer for Mordecai Midas, which suggests that feelings were definitely involved. However, their relationship suffered the hardest brunt when Frost’s biological father, Count Nefaria, became ill and Iron Man accidentally destroyed the only equipment that was used to keep Nefaria alive during a fight. Ever since the two have had rather bloody and awkward reunions.


Tony Stark met Bethany Cabe at a party after which they started dating officially. According to Cabe, Stark left a lot to be desired. Moreover, she stuck by him and helped him to get sober when he had started to self-destruct in “Demon in a Bottle.” She eventually left him after finding out that her husband was alive. This break up almost broke Stark, but the two have patched things up and have been working together cordially.


Obadiah Stane, one of Stark’s many enemies, used a woman named Indries Moomji to destroy him. Soon after meeting, Moomji and Stark started dating and Tony fell hard and fast for the woman. However, she played his emotions and manipulated him to the point where he became an alcoholic. This worked well for Stane as he set to take over Stark’s company.


Stark first met Kathy Dare when she had asked for his autograph. They soon began dating but kept things casual. There were other women in Tony’s life, which made her quite jealous. So, when Stark broke up with her later on, she shot him. The bullet almost killed Tony Stark and even left him paralyzed for quite a while. Kathy, upon hearing that Stark had (presumably) died, killed herself.


Tony Stark was a taken man who was engaged to Joanna Nivena when he first became Iron Man. He kept this identity a secret and kept pushing his fiancé away, before telling her the truth. She encouraged him to become a hero but soon realized that he could not be two persons at the same time.


Rumiko was the daughter of Kenjiro Fujikawa, who took over Stark’s company when he had apparently died while fighting Onslaught. She began dating Stark after he came back to life, which made things very complicated for all the three of them. Since Stark had a busy life as a businessman and a Super Hero, the two did not get to spend much time, which ended in their split. Rumiko then began dating Stark’s best friend and future enemy, Tiberius Stone, but later felt bad for Stark and helped him regain control of his company.


Stark has developed a causal relationship with She-Hulk or Jennifer Walters over the years. They have dated at least once when he was serving as the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., which came to a halt when Zzzax used his defenses to attack its inhabitants.


Dyne, also known as the Wasp, was the founding Avenger along with Stark. The two started dating after she split with her husband Hank Pym. Everything was going well until Captain America told Stark that this relationship would hurt Hank. Soon after, Stark revealed his true identity to Janet and the two went their separate ways. They recently got back together in Tony Stark: Iron Man.

Tony Stark is definitely a heartbreaker, but we cannot overlook the fact that he does have a heart underneath all the technology and wires.

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