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Strongest Male Devil Fruit Users In One Piece

Here is everything you need to know about the strongest male Devil Fruit users in One Piece.


Queen is a gifted scientist who managed to turn himself into a cyborg. He is one of Kaido’s commanders, which explains his strength and the potency of his Armament Haki. He ate an Ancient Zoan Devil Fruit, which allows him to transform into a brachiosaurus and human-brachiosaurus hybrid.

Thanks to this Devil Fruit, all of Queen’s physical abilities are greatly enhanced. The dinosaur skin grants him increased durability. While in combat, he can use his long neck like a club, and he can deliver devastating headbutts. Thanks to his cyborg augmentations, he can also shoot laser beams from his mouth.


The Whitebeard Pirates were an especially powerful Yonko crew, and Jozu was the commander of the 3rd division. He had been with the crew for two decades, and he possessed strong Armament Haki.

Jozu ate the Twinkle-Twinkle Fruit – a Paramecia, which gives him the ability to transform any part of his body into a diamond. The diamond skin enhances his physical strength significantly. Dracule Mihawk is the world’s strongest swordsman, and Jozu was able to block his strongest slash.


Crocodile was part of the Seven Warlords, but he was also the president of the Baroque Works crime syndicate. He helped Mihawk to escape the Marines, and they formed Cross Guild with Buggy the Clown.

Buggy was accidentally recognized as Cross Guild’s leader – which is why he was named a Yonko. It is also the reason why Crocodile is considered his subordinate. He ate the Sand-Sand Fruit, and it allowed him to create and transform into sand.


Like other Lunarians, King has dark skin and silver hair. He can fly thanks to the large black wings on his back, and his body can create fire naturally. He has been Kaido’s right-hand man for over 30 years.

King ate an Ancient Zoan Devil Fruit which allows him to transform into a pteranodon at will. While transformed, King can fly at extremely high speeds, and it grants him impressive durability. His beak is basically a spear, and while in his hybrid form, he can use his wing-arms to produce slashing winds.

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Kuzan serves as one of Blackbeard’s Ten Titanic Captains, but prior to that, he served as a Marine Admiral. The Admirals are the strongest Marines. It means Kuzan is easily one of the most powerful characters in One Piece.

Kuzan can use an advanced form of Armament Haki to emit power from his body over a short distance. He ate the Ice-Ice Fruit, a Logia that allows him to create and transform into ice at any time. He can create weapons whenever he wants, and most non-Haki attacks cannot harm him.

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