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Major Surprises In Loki Episode 4: From Lady Sif’s Character To Romance

Sylvie in Loki episode 4, Surprises in Loki episode 4

There are quite a number of surprises in Loki Episode 4. In The Nexus Event, Loki and Sylvie find their way off the Lamentis-1 just moments before complete destruction. However, everyone, including the TVA wonders how exactly that happened. How did the two Loki variants create a Nexus Event in the face of an apocalypse?

Apart from questions like this, episode 4 surely has a lot of treats for fans. As actor Tom Hiddleston stated before, this episode creates a new direction for the series. The actions and the plot become more than introductory and gain momentum.

There are events that triggered surprises in Loki Episode 4. Some of them are heartbreaking while some of them are completely shocking. Read more to know these scenes which put the audience at the edge of their seats.

Renslayer Tried To Prune Young Sylvie

Till episode 3, Renslayer has been portrayed only as an authoritative role as her position of Judge in the Time Variance Authority. However, this week’s episode of Loki showed the audience a different side of her. Renslayer was the one who tried to prune Sylvie when she was a young child.

Right from the start of the Loki series, Judge Renslayer’s character has raised a number of questions as well as suspicion for the fans. Her history with the female Loki shown in this episode finally exposed the sinister side of her.

Lady Sif’s Appearance

Lady Sif, the Asgardian warrior makes a surprise appearance in the fourth episode of the series. Although it’s not literally her who appears in The Nexus Event, her appearance is noteworthy.

Lady Sif appeared as a projected memory used by the TVA as a form of torture for Loki after they captured him. Since he is being uncooperative during the investigation, a time loop was used as a punishment for the God of Mischief. We also learn more about the relationship between the two characters.

Mobius Gets Pruned

In episode 4 of Loki, the friendly face of the TVA causes heartbreak for many fans. This also results in Renslayer being detested and resented by so many people.

In The Nexus Event, Renslayer gave an order that Mobius should be pruned from existence. This makes the audience largely question the Jet Ski-lover’s fate. At this point, we’re not sure where he is or if he’s safe even if he is alive.

Since Mobius is a great character to lose at just the fourth episode of the series, we hope he’s stuck somewhere and he can make a comeback by the last two episodes.

Romance Between Loki And Sylvie?

Episode 4 may be hinting at Loki falling in love with the variant of himself. In the confrontation scene with Lady Sif, it was revealed that Loki loves himself so much to the point of narcissism and self-obsession. However, the next thing we discover could not be more shocking.

Loki being in love with Sylvie could potentially result at the end of the universe itself. Before getting pruned, Mobius has also hinted that the relationship between Loki and Sylvie could be a thing that could take down TVA.

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