Taika Waititi teases future plans of Marvel for Hercules

Taika Waititi

The post-credit stinger for Thor: Love and Thunder felt sort of a return to form for the Marvel Studios franchise because it finally introduced a new character that would have a big role moving forward. In it, we saw that Russell Crowe‘s Zeus survived having his lightning bolt shot through his chest and sending his son out to kill Thor for what he’s done. Because it turns out, the son he’s talking to is non-other than Hercules, played by Brett Goldstein. Recently Taika Waititi has teased fans about Hercules.

Unfortunately, we don’t know when this story will end. It’s only a matter of time until Thor appears onscreen again, with Thor still healthy and active. Perhaps it’ll be Hercules, who is nipping at Thor’s heels.

Taika Waititi Plays Coy About Thor 5, Waititi Unsure About Future After Thor 4

In a Q&A recently, Taika Waititi (Director of Love and Thunder) commented about the long-run development of the character. He told about the inclusion of Brett Goldstein as Hercules. Before he put Hercules into the fourth sequel, he also revealed that he didn’t know anything about him.

Waititi let it slip how the introduction of Hercules is going to be “opening up a whole new thing,” something that he “won’t be invited to come to be a part of:” Taika Waititi said that:

” And then [Louis D’Esposito ?] told me we were going to feature Hercules, and uh, that didn’t make any sense to me, I didn’t even know he was a Marvel character, but uh, apparently it is, and uh…C It was good, I know it opens up a whole new thing, uh, that I won’t be invited to come be a part of, but I’m happy for anyone who loves Greek gods. ”

Taika Waititi

The last sentence may imply something important: Taika Waititi won’t necessarily lead to an in-depth treatment of Hercules. The Greek God could therefore have another use than that of appearing in a Thor 5. From then on, the question of an appearance within the next avengers can pose for the star actor of the series Ted Lasso. In the meantime, the subsequent MCU film, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, will arrive in theaters on November 9th.

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