TFATWS Episode 4: Is Steve Rogers Returning For A New Disney Plus Series?

Marvel fans are already complaining about the new Captain America and want Steve Rogers back for the TFATWS’s 4th episode.

Will The Hate For John Walker Go down?

With the way things are going on now, it looks like the is no way in hell John Walker will ever be accepted as one among the Avengers.

Fans have hated him ever since the guy ran into that stadium at the end of the first episode. They mildly liked him when he yelled he is not here to replace Steve Rogers, and everything went back to hell when he asked Bucky and Sam to stay away.

The recent episode, which showed him for a very little time, somehow managed to piss the audience even more. So, no way in hell will he be accepted by Marvel fans.

John Walker

Will Steve Rogers Be back?

Well, fans have been asking Chris Evans to come back even before this series started streaming on Disney Plus.

They have a lot of theories as to how he could make his return and also as to how he could continue.

Many even think that Steve Rogers is not dead and he is the one who will be making a surprise entrance in the 5th episode.

Will there be a second season of TFATWS?

TFATWS has been a massive hit for Marvel and has already broken every record set by WandaVision.

If Disney Plus decides to revive it for a second season, that would totally look like a sensible decision, but it is up to Marvel to determine it. As we all know, they have long-laid plans, and nothing can interrupt them.

But many think TFATWS will return, and not only will it return but will also have a spin-off.

Captain America| Captain America: Winter Soldier

Is Steve Rogers coming back to claim his title?

There are new claims that Steve Rogers will get his own limited Disney Plus series, and in that, he will be fighting John Walker to restore the title of Captain America.

The reports also suggest that Steve will challenge Walker to everything and will try to restore the damages.

But take this with a grain of salt as we have no idea how trustworthy this news is. Marvel fans and insiders are known to give so many theories, but Marvel has destroyed many.

Just hold on to your masks and sit quietly until TFATWS is over. Because then we may get some clues that are worth getting excited over.

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