TFATWS Episode 5: Who Was Sharon Carter Talking To On Her Phone?

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier dropped its 5th episode today, and Sharon Carter, even with her limited time on screen, had our attention while speaking on her phone.

What Is Sharon Crater Up to?

Well, it looked fishy from the start that Sharon Carter was able to do everything and not be in trouble. Frankly, we have no idea what she is up to.

If she is the Power Broker, she won’t lead Bucky and Sam to her golden goose. If she wasn’t, that doesn’t explain everything.

Sharon Carter has made a living for herself in Madripoor and seems to survive just fine even after she was last seen helping Bucky and Sam.

We know she is not an agent, so that’s out of the question, but this episode gave us a villainous hint to her character.

Did Sharon Carter hire Georges Batroc?

Georges Batroc is not new to the Marvel scene. He was the guy who Nick Fury hired to hijack the ship S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents were traveling.

Cap fought him and then found out it was Fury who hired him, remember? Yeah, after that, he was sent to a prison in Algiers.

Now, Sharon Carter, who is on a call, is seen speaking to Batroc. Even though she doesn’t mention the name, it is clear that it was him on the other end of the line.

Does Sharon Carter want Sam Wilson dead?

Georges Batroc, who is seen meeting the Flag Smashers head at the end, is introduced as someone who just wants Falcon dead and is not interested in what Karli is up to.

If Sharon just sent him to get the info on Karli and what she is planning, she could’ve told it Sam. But she didn’t, and until the very end of this episode, we hear no word from her.

There are reasons that she could hate Sam. After all, she helped him, and that’s what has put her in this situation but is that enough for her to kill Sam.

Some even think that Sharon Carter thinks Falcon is in the middle of something Carter may want for herself.

The point to note here is that Sharon mentions that she will pay double “this” time. When was the last time?

Or we might be crazy, and Sharon might just be trying to help Bucky and Sam or maybe doing this to atone for her sins and be pardoned like the rest.










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