TFATWS Episode 6: The Truth Behind Flag Smashers Car Bombing


When you are a Marvel fan, you know that nothing that looks obvious is the answer, and the same goes for the bombing of the Flag Smashers.

Did Zemo Kill The Flag Smashers?

If you haven’t seen the episode yet, then make the right choice and run away from the internet.

We were shown in the final that Zemo might have killed the remaining Flag Smashers, who Bucky and Walker captured.

Because Zemo was seen enjoying when he heard the news and his employee whom we met when he came out of the prison at first was the one seen near the car bombing.


Seconds before the bomb went off; we see a Flag-Smasher see in the same direction of that car with Zemo’s employee. We have no idea why he looked that way, but they weren’t as crazy as Karli, so they should’ve lived.

Did Val kill The Flag Smashers?

Let me tell you this, Val is the only person who looks like she is telling you everything but is not giving you a drop of info.

After all, according to the comics, she is a triple agent and was also the lover of Nick Fury “The Spy.”


We can expect something dirty from her but what she is up to is still not known. She is after John Walker and his powers, but why?

She tells Mrs. Walker that Zemo had the last laugh, and how did she know it was Zemo who did it?

Because according to the news we heard, there was no evidence, so the only way for Val to know it is because she manipulated him?

Is it even possible for someone to manipulate Zemo?

If Val wanted the Flag Smashers group dead, she would either work for the Power Broker or has someone shadier as her sponsor.


Who does Sharon Carter keep calling anyway? But to be frank, Val doesn’t look like a woman who will be taking orders from Sharon Carter, so the reason as to why Val killed the remaining Flag Smashers might be completely unknown.

Oh, pardon me, Val didn’t exactly kill them. She just pushed one domino and expected this as a result, so what is actually going on?

Maybe we will get all the answers in the second season.











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