TFATWS Second Season: Captain America And The Winter Soldier

Marvel is known for giving subtle hints about what it is up to in every project, and this one thing at the end of the finale may have given us a confirmation about the second season.

Second Season of TFATWS

There were possibilities from the beginning that Marvel will continue the story of Falcon and Winter Soldier through this show.

Even though we got no official confirmation, we could tell without a doubt that the second season will be a given.

As to why we think that is, you need to watch the finale and then read this article. We have some serious spoilers coming ahead, so stay away if you haven’t seen the episode.

Captain America And The Winter Soldier

At the end of the finale, we were shown one thing that gave us goosebumps. Ever since Falcon came near the senator and started speaking, we have had our eyes lit up.

We were so proud as to how Falcon handled this thing, and without a doubt, Steve Rogers made the right choice.

In the ending, before the credits started to roll, we see the words Captain America and The Winter Soldier change up on the screen.

First, we thought that maybe Steve would appear, then only we realized that Falcon is no more Falcon, he is effing Captain America now, and the show needs a change in name.

So, yes, the adventures of Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes will continue for more seasons, but it won’t be happening as The Falcon and The Winter Soldier; it will be happening as Captain America and the Winter Soldier.

White Wolf or The Winter Soldier?

Winter Soldier is the name of an assassin who caused so many problems for so many people. It is even a nightmare for Bucky.

If Marvel decides to change the show’s heading, don’t you think it should be Captain America and White Wolf?

Well, to be frank, it doesn’t have the same ring to it, but that would be more accurate, don’t you think?

Also, was it just me, or did you also see Bucky go speechless when he saw a man thank him for saving his life? The grumpy Bucky we knew for a while has been changing into the soft, funny one.






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