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Thanos In What If…? Episode 5 Ending


The last scene of What If…? Episode 5 was extremely shocking. Numerous complex questions were left unanswered. It seems there is little to no answer left be to decoded. Although, there is the prospect of the little build-up for Thanos taking away the end credit scene.

What led to the ending scene?

We saw how the mightiest heroes of the earth turned into the deadliest ones. The earth was struck with Zombie Apocalypse because of Quantum Virus. Hank Pan’s again in sync with his habit kills the Avengers.

What If Episode 5 Review: Zombies Assemble! | Leisurebyte
Courtesy: Marvel

Later we discover that the Mind Stone had the power to cure Zombie. Vision did cure Scott, but partially (as he had only his head left). Wanda too made her presence as a zombie whom Vision was unable to cure. Hulk had to battle Wanda.

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Meanwhile, Spider-Man, Black Panther, Ant-Man’s head, and Doctor Strange’s Cloak of Levitation manage to escape Camp Lehigh and travel to Wakanda to transmit the Mind Stone’s power to the world.

However, the episode ends on a dark note — Thanos has contracted the virus and managed to gather the five other Infinity Stones. Our heroes are unwittingly bringing him the last one he needs to gain ultimate power.

what if episode 5 easter eggs peter parker
Easter egg for Spider-Man Far from Home (Courtesy: Marvel)

The only conclusion that can be drawn is, Peter and the team make the mistake of going to Wakanda. Thanos is already seen there. Not only him, but the entire population has turned into zombies. He has all the infinity stones except the mind stone, which probably he’ll take from them. Well. well. weel, it is easy to figure out that Thanos defeats them and takes over the world.

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