The 355 Trailer: Spies From Around The World Unite For One Final Mission


355 the superhit movie just released its trailer. Oh, yeah if you have good taste in spy movies, I know you too would already know that this movie is going to be a box office hit.

Ocean’s 8

Ocean‘s Franchise promised us an all-female led criminal mastermind movie and boy we were impressed. Won’t be the best movie in Ocean’s Franchise but we have to agree it is an excellent movie with a stellar cast.


Now 355 is not a criminal mastermind movie, here the best of the best, the top spies of the world form a team to take down the criminals. The trailer was out yesterday and needless to say, I had complete chills.

In-Line, With The Greats!

It sends out an ode to other spy movies too. Brought to you by the studio which gave us Jason Bourne, it stars Jessica Chastain, Diane Kruger (German Spy), Lupita Nyong’o (MI6), Penelope Cruz (Colombian Psychologist), Fan Bingbing and Sebastian Stan.

Killer Task Force


Like any other espionage movie, it’s thrilling and adventurous. Obviously, the world might come to its crumbling self if these spies don’t stop the terrorists. Jessica Chastain (CIA) recruits spies who work for different spy agencies. So basically, the American, German, British, Colombian and Chinese top female spies join forces to take down the common enemy.

Invisible Enemy

Even though the enemy is not shown, according to the narration of Jessica Chastain to her senior officer in the trailer, it is an invisible enemy who has the power to start world war III with just the click of their keypad.


Fan Bingbing plays the role of Lin Mi Sheng, a mysterious lady who is always one step ahead of the team. And like any other espionage movie, the enemies threaten the spies by sending a threatening video where their loved one’s fate is in their hand.

An Ode



The role played by Sebastian Stan, and Edgar Ramirez is still unknown. We would probably have to wait for the second trailer to get a clearer picture of what is going on. The digits 355 was chosen from the code name of the first female spy in the American Revolution.

The film is directed by famous director Simon Kinberg who wrote the famous Mr. & Mrs Smith and some of the X-Men movies.

As of now, the movie is set to be released on January 15, 2021, you know if Coronavirus decides to leave us alone.

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