The 5 Best Spider-Man Villains Who Still Need a Live-Action Adaptation


Over the course of two decades, Spider-Man has been one of the favorite superheroes from Stan Lee’s comics.

All the seven movies so far had been worth watching many a time which is a great record for any superhero movie.

Superheros become superheroes because they face some of challenge or conflict; the story mostly has a moral opposition to these characters which makes the plot complex & interesting the ‘Villains’.

All the way from Thanos to Mysterio all the Marvel movies have the most intriguing villains who have their own causes to do evil things.

Spider-Man’s comics are full of various villains many have not yet been filmed as live-action movie characters whom the fans would love to see on screen. Here is a list of villains that deserve to see the light of the day on movie screens.

1. Chameleon

Demitri Smerdykov, a Russian super-spy who is invisible cause he becomes what you look at; master in the art of delusion & deceit with excellent acting skills thus the name ‘Chameleon’.

Kraven The Hunter’s half brother both of whom have many times teamed up against him appears in the first volume of Amazing Spider-Man. May have been a part of the new FFH movie as a new SHIELD agent Demitri was introduced in the movie, just speculation from fans.

2. Tombstone

Linoi Thompson Lincoln a street fight master with an intimidating personality known as Tombstone, given to him for winning after winning match street fight matches. As a child was bullied in school because of his Albino origin became a gangster later.

Our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man has a history of fighting with the gangsters to keep the locals safe. He fought against this masculine & quick opponent in the first volume of Web of Spider.

3. Prowler

Hobbie Brown was one of those smart science nerd kid whom everyone ignores he turned towards crime. In the process, he designed a costume for himself & came to be known as Prowler.

Prowler a gray figure when it comes to being a villain was an anti-version of Robinhood. He would only hurt those who deserve it to pay his bills & other stuff.

4. Scorpion

MacDonald Gargan Spider-Man supervillain who invested in science experiments on so full proof which in the end drow his mind insane & had only one primary goal to defeat Spider-Man.

5. Jackal

Miles Warren, a college professor of Spider-Man’s first love Gwen Stacy; he was obsessed with Gwen & became Spider-Man’s nemesis after her death. He first appearance was in a complex plot with many twists in the first volume of the Amazing Spider-Man.

He blamed Spider-Man for the death of Gwen & became infatuated with the idea of bringing her back to life would kill anyone who would come in his way brutally.

Wrap Up

These are the top supervillain with a dark storyline who deserve movie adaptation as live figures in the Spider-Man movies. As villains are the reason we have superheroes in our lives.

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