The 5 Most Highly-Anticipated But Unannounced Movies That Must Be Coming

Following the Avengers: Endgame, Marvel Cinematic Universe is heading in a new direction. New defenders come to the forefront – She-Hulk, Moon Knight, Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor – as the original defenders continue to exit the landscape. And, while many upcoming projects have been confirmed, several possible productions remain unclear due to the Fox / Disney merger.

Yet, thanks to the insider reports, the comments from those involved, as well as the entire narrative and financial possibilities surrounding the MCU, five films seem to be heading to the silver screen… finally.

Fantastic Four


While the Fantastic Four movie has yet to be announced, Disney will not allow its new entry into the family of explorers to go unused. It is rumoured that Reed Richards (Mr Fantastic) will be making a solo appearance in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, setting up an upcoming Fantastic Four film.

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Considering Fox has stolen these characters (and their origin story) many times, it’s up to Disney to get it right. And, now that leaders are under the care of Kevin Feige, hopes and expectations remain high.

The X-Men



Fox has produced many X-Men films. And, time and again, the saga has mainly focused on three characters – Wolverine, Magento and Professor X. These men were always at the centre of the fray. So, when joining the mutantkind franchise, Marvel Studios has to make a new interpretation – it just doesn’t mimic Fox. Thus, new characters may take centre stage.

New/Young Avengers


The new team of Avengers will be coming. Hawkeye will train its successor, Kate Bishop, in the upcoming Disney + series Hawkeye. And many have jumped at the assumption that Iron Man 3’s Harley Keener will play the part of Iron Lad. And, with She-Hulk coming, and rumours that Young Loki could become a prominent figure in the landscape, a Young Avengers film seems inevitable.

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X-Men vs Avengers or X-Men/Avengers team-up

What does the merger mean if the fans don’t see the world merging on screen? In the comic books, various X-Men and Avengers characters are come together and go head to head depending on the story of the comic. It’s no surprise… Kevin can bring our beloved Avengers and familiar mutants together to the screen.

The A-Force


MCU has already begun laying the foundation for the all-female Avengers team, A-Force. Captain Marvel is the focal point. Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor will appear in Love and Thunder, She-Hulk is on the way, Valkyrie is already there and prominently (she’s now King of Asgard). The A-Force will undoubtedly cement the presence, but will not be a unified group until 5th Phase or later.

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