The Boys Pokes Fun at Spider-Man: No Way Home Extended Cut


Just four episodes into its third season, The Boys is already infusing its final episodes with pop culture references, and that trend extends to marketing in the real world. Inspired by Marvel and DC, the Amazon original series is a sharp parody of a world where superheroes are controlled by corporate giants and vilified for their power. The heroes of “Boys” are guided in their activities not only by the management of their company, but also by support, marketing and supporting parties. The Seven, the world’s leading superhero team, are the face of Voet International’s heroes, showcasing their adventures in commercials, reality shows and blockbusters. The powerful team recently starred in the hit Batman v Superman Dawn of the Seven, the Avengers: Endgame poster and the Justice League creation story.

Also, last season poked fun at all aspects of pop culture, and now The Boys have turned their attention to Morpheus. The Boys make fun of Sonny for beating Morpheus
The official Vote International Boyz Twitter account mocked Sony for the botched re-release of Morpheus. In this post, the heroes of Homeland were Starlight, Queen Maeve, Black Noir, and A-Train from the Dawn of the Seven series of interstellar superhero films. Sunrise seven sons
The International Postal Wood released seven games and used a film audience to use the Time Time Advertising Code, a spiral in the Murpin Virus -Virus:

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After the failed execution of the rent and the virus monument, Sony has just released a marrow, which is broadcast in many areas, only trying to see for the second time.


Boys are permanently harassed by pop culture
The boys have always worked as a ridicule of wonderful worlds and TC, trying to give a very realistic example of the world is full of independent people. Amazon has certainly stepped up its game in recent seasons, and this Morbius poster is the latest example.

Let’s hope Dawn of the Seven isn’t a sign of bad things to come for his fantasy film, as Vote International is a reflection of Morbius’ reboot. After all, Morpheus only made $300,000 in its re-release weekend, but Sony’s plea to bring its Marvel adventure to theaters has now gone viral.

The Boys Dawn of the Seven

Amazon is far from the first company to poke fun at Morbius, with KFC and GFUEL leaning into viral memes before. Morbin’s Time is a sneaky twist on the viral comic Morbin’s Time, replacing Jared Leto’s Marvel vampire with Wonder Woman Boy Wonder Woman Dominique McElligott.


As Morbius continues to dominate social media, The Boys is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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