The Ending of John Wick: Chapter 3 and What’s Coming Next

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John Wick franchise is a puzzle box. We come across more about the assassin underworld, detailing the network of killers far beyond just New York City in each installments. It’s plagued by the same kind of bureaucratic infighting you’d find in any office setting.

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John Wick movies showcases the main character as hard man to kill. John Wick ao far has been painted twice on the screen. Now we come across the third installment, Parabellum, doubles down on that notion in its final moments.

A brief to John Wick movies:

Fans had to wait for a little over two years to see actions of John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum It is hitting the big screen this weekend. The first movie in the franchise surprised everybody with its perfect action choreography and immersive world-building in 2014. Each installment has not only found a way to get people excited ahead of time, but to also get fans fired up for what’s to come.


Keanu Reeves with “John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum” is set to hit theatree and pull in millions or more this weekend. Let’s see if it this different genre flick can beat Avemgers: Endgame from the top of the box office. It’s weirds to believe that a little series of violent action movies led by him, is now a major action franchise.

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In 2017, “John Wick: Chapter 2” released which had a very “middle chapter of a trilogy” vibe to it. We see poor John having his worst time. The last scene of chapter two shows John moving towrds a dark path and ends the way all good actions trilogy do. The High Table’s orders and the codes of The Continental, a worldwide hit was about to be put out on his person, and there were plenty of people eager to collect that bounty.

John Wick Chapter 3 Ending

With the latest release of the the third chapte Parabellum, it has raised the stakes even higher about the life of poor John. He’s been poor with an even tighter spot to work his way out of. The new events amd surprises however, as well as a potential way out that would change the fabric of the John Wick franchise forever.


From decades we have learnt that a franchisu of trilogy movie will be enough to entertain us alone. These three movies follows the same. The chapter three is not certainly am ending of the thing. Ankther buzzing question hit the fans in the end, putting Mr. Wick in yet another dire situation that he’s going to have to spend yet another movie trying to get out of.

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How Chapter 3 teases Chapter 4

The extra credit scenes in movies entertains with some thrill and mystery about the next scene.

But we don’t face any post-credit scene or mid-credit scene in “John Wick: Chapter 3”. There is no new content after the credits begin rolling. So while we encourage all moviegoers to stick around for the credits in appreciation for the many, many people who worked hard to bring you this piece of entertainment,


The John Wick franchise can only end in two ways:

1) In perpetual cliffhanger. 2) Wick conquers the Beast inside and meets his end free of a violent heart. The first possibility has a grotesque satisfaction to it. We are all mad about all those dead dogs in cinema. That anger is continuous. The second possibility requires love to return to John Wick.

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