The Five Most Evil Doctors In Anime

In general, doctors are seen as venerated part of society. They heal and treat the numerous maladies of their people, putting decades of study to good use. However, there are many anime doctors who do not share such noble goals. Here is everything you need to know about the five most Evil Doctors in anime.

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Kabuto: NarutoKabuto Was A Masterful Medical Ninja: Naruto

Kabuto is one of the most powerful villains in the Naruto universe. He was initially trained in medical ninjutsu. This allowed him to transform his hands into chakra scalpels, cutting through enemy muscle and bone like they were water.

Kabuto’s malpractice has also served him in other ways. For example, he spliced the DNA of the Sound Four into himself in order to master an obscene number of abilities. It also increased his healing factor, allowing him to regenerate from virtually anything.

Doctor Hogback: One PieceDoctor Hogback Was Gecko Moria's Morbid Associate: One Piece

Doctor Hogback was Gecko Moria’s most useful associate in One Piece. He agreed to stitch and prepare a number of bodies for the villain to implant fresh shadows inside. Together, they formed an entire crew of zombie abominations ready to attack the Florian Triangle.

Hogback’s allegiance came with a disturbing condition. He insisted that Gecko Moria implant a shadow into Cindry’s body so that he could take her for his “bride.” As a zombie slave, Cindry had no choice in the matter even though her soul cried out for release.

Neferpitou: Hunter X HunterNeferpitou Had Their Own Form Of Surgery: Hunter X Hunter

Hunter X Hunter’s Neferpitou was the closest thing the chimera ants had to a surgeon. With their Nen ability literally being named “Doctor Blythe,” they were able to dissect or heal targets depending on their user’s intentions.

Neferpitou was so skilled in the art of healing that Meruem trusted them personally with mending Komugi’s injuries. Considering that Neferpitou was able to lobotomize a hunter in order to probe for more information.

Cioccolata: JoJo’s Bizarre AdventureCioccolata Was A Doctor Turned Serial Killer: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Cioccolata is the most twisted minor villain in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. He quickly became intoxicated by the power he wielded as a doctor. It compelled him to experiment on his patients, driving them to insanity and beyond.

The only person who did not completely snap under Cioccolata was Secco, who became perturbingly attached to him. Endeared by his latest subject, Cioccolata agreed to take him on as a “pet”.

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Doctor Garaki Created Aberrations For All For One: My Hero AcademiaDoctor Garaki Created Aberrations For All For One: My Hero Academia

Doctor Kyudai Garaki is a relatively minor villain in the grand scheme of My Hero Academia. But he was responsible for some of its worst villains. By forcibly splicing human bodies together, he created some so powerful that they made top heroes struggle.

Additionally, Garaki was responsible for augmenting Shigaraki into a villain without peers. However, he first debuted as the doctor who diagnosed Midoriya to be Quirkless. As a result, many fans speculate if Garaki simply misdiagnosed him or had something to do with the young hero’s lack of special power.

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