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The Kissing Booth 2 and 3 Story: Spoilers Ahead


Any fan of rom-com and teen comedy would be expecting the return of the Kissing Booth 3 like I do.

Summer 2021

During her People Choice Award acceptance speech, the film’s star Joey King announced that the movie would premiere in the summer of 2021. Don’t worry about COVID-19 spoiling those plans because the movie has been filmed simultaneously while filming the second part in 2019.9

Now that the pandemic won’t be a problem and releasing it will also won’t be an issue (since it’s a Netflix original), the only thing that makes us anxious is the thought of waiting till next summer to know what Elle Evans decided.

Joey King at People’s Choice Awards

We’ve Got You Covered!

To those who couldn’t get your friend to give you their Netflix password and couldn’t find a good pirate site to stream it, don’t worry; we got you covered.

The first movie of the franchise, which is adapted from the name “The Kissing Booth” by Beth Reekles, revolves around the Kissing Booth that two best friends set to collect money for their school fundraiser.

Spoilers Ahead!

The second movie is even less revolving around the booth unless you count the final scene, and it looks like the third movie will have nothing to do with the booth. But, guess what, it’s still an excellent feel-good movie, and fans of rom-com would be in for a treat.

Elle Evans is faced with a huge dilemma when she finds out that her dance partner (not her best friend) is also seriously crushing on her and that her boyfriend may or may not be cheating on her. God to be Elle Evans just now. Just go type Taylor Zakhar Perez the Kissing Booth 2. You will definitely thank me later.

In the second part, Elle is confused if she should apply to Harvard and go to her boyfriend or keep her promise to her BFF and study with him at Berkley. Elle is seen lying at the end of the second movie that she didn’t get accepted to both the colleges, but when the end credits start rolling, we see her opening the letter and finding out she got into Harvard and Berkley.


Now, if you think about how Elle will afford to study at Harvard, then don’t worry, will explain that. In the second movie, Elle Evans decided to enter a dance-off with Lee Flynn. Even though Lee gives an excuse and drops out, he makes sure to replace himself with the best candidate on all front, Taylor Zakhar Perez, aka Marco Valentin Peña.


Now not only does Marco develop feelings for Elle and kiss her on stage while they won $25,000, but he is also not angry now that she chose Noah Lynn over him. We don’t think that we have seen Marco‘s end since he is also in the third installment cast.

The third movie’s story is pretty much about Elle Evans deciding between her Boyfriend and BFF while also being distracted by dance partner turned ex-friend. I seriously wish she drops all these factors and decides purely on what her heart wants her to do and what will be good for her future sans the boys. But let’s wait and watch how it all unfolds!

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