The Latest She-Hulk Episode Calls Back to Ragnarok

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It was just before the final battle in Thor: Ragnarok. Thor’s power-hungry sister Hela had the thunder god on the ropes, having already slashed out one of his eyes. All seemed lost. Then, Thor had a vision of his late father Odin that helped him realize his true electrifying potential.

Of course, it was during this scene that Odin dropped some wise words on Thor: “Asgard is not a place… It is wherever our people stand.”

Marvel’s latest Disney+ series She-Hulk: Attorney at Law recently aired its third episode. The show has a decidedly irreverant sense of humor, with a lot of laughs coming from its playful comments on established MCU lore, including a play on that very Thor line.

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The Latest She-Hulk Episode Calls Back to Ragnarok

The Latest She-Hulk Episode Calls Back to Ragnarok

The b-plot in episode 3 of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law concerned Jen Walters’ former co-worker Dennis Bukowski filing a lawsuit against a shapeshifting Asgardian elf who pretended to be rap artist Megan Thee Stallion in order to scam Bukowski out of several thousands of dollars.

At the discovery hearing between the two parties, the following exchange occurs between the elf, Runa, her attorney and the presiding judge:

Runa’s lawyer: “Runa is daughter of an Elfin diplomat on Asgard and now in New Asgard. As such, she has diplomatic immunity.”

Judge: “She may have diplomatic immunity in New Asgard, but we are not in New Asgard.”


Runa: “Excuse me, your honor, but Asgard is not a place, it’s a people. Therefore, I…”

Judge: “Thor’s inspirational speeches are not admissible in court.”

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This is a direct reference to the dialogue from Thor: Ragnarok mentioned above.  Here’s the line from Odin in full:


“Asgard is not a place. Never has been. (gestures around him) This could be Asgard. It is wherever our people stand. And right now those people need you.“

This important sentiment was later echoed by Heimdall at the end of Ragnarok when he declared that “Asgard is not a place, it’s a people.”

Asgard Truly is a People

Of course, it’s revealed in later MCU films that Asgard is absolutely truly represented in the hearts and minds of its people moreso than an actual, physical location. The Asgardians survived the destruction of their home world and an attack on their ship by Thanos.

Where is New Asgard? The Latest She-Hulk Episode Calls Back to Ragnarok


The group eventually settled in Tønsberg, Norway and set up the colony of New Asgard. During the Blip, Thor served as its drunken, wayward ruler but he eventually handed the responsibility to Valkyrie and appointed her as King.

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So, Runa’s argument that she made in court perhaps does hold water, but unfortunately for her, the hearing was not being conducted under the jurisdiction of New Asgard but rather was taking place in Los Angeles, California. Plus, as the judge is quick to point out, dramatic monologues and speeches made by Thor are not admissible to begin with.

Marvel Studios’ She-Hulk: Attorney at Law will surely continue to bring the laughs as it moves forward with its first season run. The series launches new episodes every Thursday, exclusively on Disney+.


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