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The Marvels Post-Credits Scene Leaked From Last Week’s Advanced Screening


Post-credits scene 1:

As many of you might remember from the full plot leak that came out 10 months ago (which is apparently still 100% accurate according to the anonymous source who happened to be at the advanced screening), the climax of the movie involves Monica and Kamala trying to stop an Incursion that the villain (Dar-Benn played by Zawe Ashton) accidentally caused after repeatedly creating rifts in space-time with Kamala’s twin bangle. Monica and Kamala realize that the only way they can stop the Incursion is for each of them to stand on opposite sides of the rift in order to successfully close it.

Monica sacrifices herself by choosing to stand on the side of the rift that leads to the other universe which was colliding with 616, so when they successfully stop the Incursion, Monica gets stuck in that other universe.

In the first post-credits scene, Monica wakes up in a hospital and sees her mom, Maria, dressed in the Captain Marvel costume that she donned in Multiverse of Madness. It’s not implied that this is Earth-838 unless Monica also travelled back in time, but rather another universe where Maria also happens to be Captain Marvel.

The scene is of course a parallel to episode 4 of WandaVision where Monica wakes in a hospital to find her mom gone.

Post-credits scene 2
In a homage to the opening of Ms Marvel, The Marvels starts with Kamala narrating the events of the movie. But this time around, it wasn’t for a YouTube video of hers. In a similar manner to Iron Man 3, The Marvels’ last post-credits scene reveals that Kamala was actually narrating the events of the movie to someone else and that person is…


Hailee Steinfeld makes a cameo in the scene in her full Hawkeye suit and gear as Kamala recounts her latest adventure. In the end, Kamala says that there are more young heroes like them and that they should all team up, ending the scene by asking Kate “Did you know Ant-Man had a daughter?”

This scene obviously teases the eventual formation of the Young Avengers and it seems Kamala, Kate and Cassie wil be the first 3 members.

What do you guys think about these scenes? We are personally very excited, especially for the Young Avengers tease after seeing most of the members slowly getting introduced throughout Phase 4.

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