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The Misfit of Demon king Academy – Character Details and Leaks

The Misfit of Demon King Academy



“The Misfit of Demon King Academy” is a Light novel, Which first began as a Web novel. It was published in a web site called Shōsetsuka ni Narō, Which written by Shu and Illustrated by Yoshinori Shizuma.

Later the Light novel got a Manga adaptation by Kaya Haruka and was published online in July 2018. Finally, it got an Anime Adaptation by Silver Link, Which Telecasted on TV on July 4, 2020.

The Manga has of 3 volumes, the light novel has 7 volumes, the anime Television series has 13 Episodes.

You can watch the show at The Misfit of Demon King Academy

The Main Characters Details:

1. Anos Voldigoad (The Main protagonist)

Anos Volgograd is a 1-Month+ old young male Demon charterer. If we include his previous life his age more than 2000+. Also known as “The Demon King”. Anos Father’s name is Gusta and Mother’s name is Izabella.

Anos Mother was killed by humans when she was pregnant with Anos. He has an enormous amount of Magical powers. His outstanding Magic Power makes him surpass all demon and humans, literally every being.

He has immunity to his own Magic which he created himself. His Knowledge about Magic Spells is extraordinary, he can create magic spells for teleportation and also create his own Demon army, Fusion Spell, Resurrection, Blood Erosion and has Destruction Power in Eye.

He has a Sword Named Venuzdonoa, it has the power to destroy the whole Planet but it can be used only inside the Demon King castle. He also uses his Father’s Hand made Sword which is gifted to him for his Demon king Sword Tournament. In his previous Life, he sacrifices himself to bring peace.

2.Misha Necron

Misha Necron
Masha Necron is a 15 years old quite and obedient girl demon character. Masha assumes Anos as a Master. Masha comes from one of the Seven Elder Demon Emperors called Ivis Necron but she has Mixed Blood. He has a Younger Twin sister Named Sasha. She can create things, barriers and can Freeze people by the Ring Named Lotus Leaf Ice Ring. This power was gifted by Anos on her 15th Birthday.

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3.Sasha Necron

Sasha Necron
Sasha Necron

Sasha Necron is 15 years old Aggressive female Demon Character. Also known as “Witch of Destruction”. She also assumes Anos has a Master. Sasha comes from one of the Seven Elder Demon Emperors called Ivis Necron.

She has a Twin Sister Named Masha Necron, She is ready to put her life in danger to protect her Sister. once Anose said that Sasha has “Beautiful eyes”. Sasha has the Eye which can Self-Destroy anything. She uses a Weapon Named Phoenix Robe, it is made by the feathers of God Phoenix Bird which brings Immortality to the user. It’s presented by Anos to Sasha On her 15th Birthday.

4.Lay Glanzudlii ( previous life name Kanon )

Lay Glanzudlii
Lay Glanzudlii

Lay Glanzudlii is 15 years old male Swords Man Character. Also known as “The Demon Sword Saint”. Lay belongs to the Generation of Chaos members and he was born in Yesla Family, he is a Very Good Friend to Anos and a transfer student at the Academy. Lay loves the Girl Named Misa Llioroagu from the Demon King Acadamy.

He is Recarinated from his previous life. He has 88 holy Swords and a unique Demon sword named Sigshesta. The Sword has the ability to change as you wish which he used in his previous life 2000 years ago, among his 88 holy Swords Evansmana is the only Sword Legendary Sword which Stabbed The Demon king Anos literally, it can cut through anything.

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5.Emilia Ludowell


Emilia Ludowell is a female Demon Character but currently, Emilia is Half-Demon, Half-Human because she was cursed by The Demon King Anos after her reincarnation. Emilia belongs to the Royal Family and has pure Royal Blood, Daughter of Elio Ludowell. Even though she is cursed she looks very beautiful in his appearance.

Emilia worked as a Teacher (School Director) in the Demon King Acadamy also the teacher of the Anos. Currently, now Emilia works for the Hero Acadamy as Mixed Blood after her reincarnation. Emilia can handle all eight members of the Anos fan Union, Emilia’s Magic Spell helps her to produce High-Temperature Flames called Gusgum which we will be Showed in the upcoming Anime Episodes.

6.Misa iriologue

Misa Iriologue is a Half-Human, Half-Sprit female character. Also Known as Fake Demon King. Misa is a fan of Anos and assumes Anos as her Master. Misa falls in love with the Swords Man Lay Glanzudlii they both confer their love in upcoming Episodes. She is the daughter of Shin Reglia and Great Spirit Reno. Misa can produce Spirit Rain Mist By her Magic Power called Fuska.


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