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The Real Reason Why Jon Favreau “Happy Hogan” Didn’t Direct Iron Man 3

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Director Jon Favreau and His Association With The Marvel Cinematic Universe:

Director Jon Favreau is famous for directing the first two Iron Man films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He has also played the role of Happy Hogan in many Marvel films as well. However, the director did not return to direct Iron Man 3.

And it is this question which still bugs a lot of fans. The journey of Iron Man in MCU began in 2008 with Iron Man. Then, its sequel, Iron Man 2, hit theatres in 2010, thereby expanding the MCU even further.

Jon Favreau And Iron Man MCU:

Director Jon Favreau can claim his success in directing the very first MCU film. Additionally, he can also brag about being a part of the film as an actor. He can also say that he was the first director to return for a sequel in the MCU. Additionally, there are many other trilogies (which are now complete) in the MCU. However, the trilogy of Iron Man MCU did not have the same director.

Subsequently, it is because of this very reason that there are clear differences between all the films. Therefore, there is a legitimate question that arises in our minds. It is clear that the first two Iron Man films were very successful. Even critics received them well. So, why didn’t Director Jon Favreau return for a third film?

The answer and its reason are quite simple.

Director Jon Favreau Did Magic Kingdom Instead Of Iron Man 3:

After the release of Iron Man 2, there was a conflict between Paramount Pictures and Disney. This was because Paramount had the distribution rights to some Marvel properties. Subsequently, Iron Man 3 was put on hold due to this as well. However, both companies reached an agreement soon.

Regardless, Favreau did not return to direct the third Iron Man MCU film. Instead, he chose to direct the Magic Kingdom. According to him, the film gave him a new challenge.

What Is the Magic Kingdom?

The Magic Kingdom is exactly what its title says. It is a film about Disney’s theme park: Magic Kingdom. Many describe it as “Night at the Museum at Disneyland.” Reports suggest that Favreau was working on this film in 2012. However, by 2014, he was working on The Jungle Book, leaving behind the Magic Kingdom.

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