The Witcher Blood Origin [Leaks]: “Game of Thrones” Star to Lead The Spinoff

After the Witcher series’ success, Netflix decided to do a spinoff prequel of the hit show. With that, The Witcher: Blood Origin was born.

When did Blood Origin take place?

Set 1200 years before the now Witcher timeline, it concentrates on the first Witcher, how humans came into existence in the Elven continent and the events that led up to the conjunction of the spheres.

The spinoff series will be helmed by Declan De Barra, who had previously written the Witcher’s fourth episode. The spinoff series will be a limited six-episode series that is set to start filming next May. The series will probably be released in 2022 if everything goes according to plan.

As of the matter, if Witcher characters will appear in Blood Origin, too, it’s still unknown. Since most of the characters in the series have been living for centuries now, there are chances that some characters might make a cameo in the spinoff.

What’s new then?

Well, according to some trustworthy sources, it is said that the series will be led by two Elves, one male and one female. From a leak received by one of the sources, we got the description of the leads:

Eile: Female Character between her late 20s to early 30s, is from an Elven clan that uses knives as their choice of weapon. The producers are hunting for a “diverse” actor to play the role; one with a dance and stunt work background is preferable. This indeed suggests that there will be many battles to portray over the course of 6 episodes.”

Fjall: Male lead about the same age as Eile; he is from an opposing clan. This goes to show that there may be a clash for dominance. Fjall is described as raw, gritty, and visceral. Indeed, a contrast to the graceful strength that one might expect from Eile.

Game of Thrones connection


Elie’s name was also mentioned in a leak two weeks ago, along with another character called Princess Merwyn. With the physical description we got for Fjall, there are even more reasons for us to believe that Khal Drogo of Game of Thrones will become our Elven lead Fjall in the Witcher.

If Jason Momoa is already in consideration, then why not consider Gal Gadot too? That way, we can make a DCEU crossover with The Witcher Universe, just kidding! If casting Henry Cavill is any indication, we can definitely be sure that whoever they cast will be some high-profile character, particularly for the lead. Hence, there are chances it is Jason Momoa.

Anyway, keep your fingers crossed while we keep updating you on everything to know about the Witcher series and its spinoff.

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