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The Witcher: More Actors Join the Cast


While the buzz about the Witcher season 2 has been nonstop, according to the news reports that are circulating, it looks like fans have even more reason to be excited.


New members added to the cast!

Three more characters have been added to the second season, and their respective agencies have updated the actors who will be playing those characters.

While we recently saw the reports of Queen Meve of Lyria and Rivia being cast, these three actors will be joining the cast anytime now. The first one is Emily Pollet of Emmerdale fame being cast as a character called Human Mother G.


Scoia’tael, at it again?

With the Witcher having many mythical characters in it, seeing that a character was named to denote human is not a shocker, but this reminds us about an audition tape uploaded by an actress on Vimeo earlier this year. According to that very short video, we saw that character the actress was auditioning for was called ‘Character G.’

According to the audition tape, the woman is seen begging someone to leave her daughter alone and, if not, take both of them. This might be a case of a racial pogrom or the handiwork of Scoia’tael, who is recruiting non-humans to form an army to fight for their cause. Since it is mentioned as ‘human,’ there are many chances that this woman gave birth to an elven daughter, and that’s why she is being hauled off.


Debut Actor and an Acclaimed One

The next actor cast recently is Cayvan Coates, who is cast in a mysterious unknown role. The actor is a recent graduate of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts.

The last one is British Actor James Eeles, known for his Peaky Blinders, Darkest Hour, and Fearless roles. James’ agency had tweeted in October that the character will join the second season.


Sex Workers at Kaer Morhen

Kaer Morhan

For some time now, we have heard about the scenes at Kaer Morhen. While there were reports that many female actors were seen at the location in Kaer Morhen, it is speculated that it is a group of sex workers who found themselves there, confused about how they got there.

We don’t know how a group of sex workers would find their way into a secluded place like  Kaer Morhen. We would have to wait to find out what they were doing and how they fall into the fight scene that was shot before.

Maybe Danica, who made Geralt’s acquaintance in season one, might also be joining this band of sex workers. All we can do now is spin The Witcher theories, so let’s do that!

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