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The Witcher Season 2: Is Ciri Stronger Than Geralt?

We just got a glimpse of what Ciri could do in the Witcher’s first season, and we already think she may be a force to reckon with.

The student becomes the master

All this time, Geralt has roamed the continent with nothing to claim his own. He has chased away anything that could be his after a series of getting hurt while he was young.

One of the reasons why he never went and claimed Ciri might be that. But now he has no other go but to protect her. And lucky Geralt, she is the one the entire continent is after.

We will get to see different groups of people and other species chasing after Ciri in the upcoming season, and Geralt will indeed protect her, but Ciri is not someone to run and hide.

Kaer Morhen and Ciri’s strength training

As we know already, Ciri will be taken to Kaer Morhen and will be trained by Geralt and Vesemir on everything they would teach a Witcher.

So, she will learn her basic combat skills, sword fighting, and things a Witcher excels in. But Ciri is far more powerful, and the dark force of power inside her needs to be controlled.

It is even said that the power inside her could actually spoil her mental health if it is not contained and handled well.

Not knowing anything about this, at first, Geralt hires Triss Merigold, who trains Ciri for a while and then suggests Yennefer.

Ciri basically gets trained by all the lead in the show.

Is Ciri the most powerful?

Well, it depends on what type of fight you are talking about. Ciri has Elder Blood, and that actually puts her in a totally different league.

Geralt may be an excellent fighter, but when it comes to magic, Ciri could beat his butt real soon. Ciri does get training for combat skills from Geralt, so there is no doubt that she will be bad at that too.

So, she may beat Geralt with magic but not with just combat skills because, as we know, no one in the continent can fight like Geralt in close combat.

As far as Yennefer and Ciri go, the debate is still going, and we have to wait for the show to take its course so that we could conclude about that. But many think that Ciri will top Yennefer.



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