Theo Magath – The Marleyan General In Attack On Titan

After Attack on Titan introduced the outside world, especially Marley, things have never been the same. But hey, it came with an upside too as we got to see Marley and its people. With a great amount of exposition of the other side of the war came a lot of new characters too. 

And one such character is Theo Magath – the commander of the Eldian Unit of the Marleyan Army.

Theo Magath – The Commander of The Devils:

We see Theo Magath for the very first time in the glorious battle against the Mid-East Allied Forces. With a typical Marleyan soldier uniform and prejudice towards the devils, he was commanding the Eldian unit. In addition to that, the warrior candidates were also under his governance.

So, the likes of Falco Grice, Gabi Braun, and other Eldians were indirectly in his hands. Because of that and his patriotic beliefs aligning with that of Marleyans, he deemed the Eldians as inferiors. Although, he is willing to put his anger aside if the situation requires it as shown in his interactions with Gabi and Colt.

An Understanding Between Willy Tybur and Theo Magath:

To be honest, it’s more of a realization rather than an understanding but it all began with one simple interpretation. During the Tybur’s family visit to Liberio, Theo Magath came to welcome them. It was only because of Willy Tybur and his plan that he ‘understands’ that they’re just like the devils.

This realization hits hard when Eren massacres Liberio along with Willy and countless other innocents. Despite having top-notch security, the warrior candidates and other titans were captured. However, in the end, it did work in the favor of Willy and his plan. But was it worth the lives they lost that night?

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Proclaiming War Against The Paradis Island:

In a way, the war against Paradis is nothing but Theo Magath’s cry for vengeance. After the massacre due to the Colossal and Attack titans along with the Scouts, he oversees the cleanup operations. And there he finds out that Zeke Jaeger was a traitor and calls for an emergency meeting. 

At the end of the meeting, Marley decides to pull off a surprise attack against Paradis. And guess what, they succeed in that; intending to cause a similar level of the massacre that the Devils did. Not to mention, he stripped off his commander rank and became a General. 

Maybe, this was his way of mourning for the needless losses of the innocents they lost earlier. Furthermore, with the help of Cart Titan, he’s also able to hit Eren’s Attack Titan twice. Attack on Titan’s next episode will show whether Eren gets to live for another day or not.

In Conclusion:

We can easily fend off by deeming Theo Magath as a maniac made for killing. But when we try to understand what the man has been through, we will get where he comes from. Still, that doesn’t change the countless sins he’s done and going to do in the name of revenge.

Regardless, Theo Magath seems like a capable General, a great and the only sniper and stubborn old man. In all, he inclines more towards the understanding side rather than the blind patriot which a lot of Marleyans are. 

Where Can You Watch Attack on Titan?

You can watch it from Netflix, Amazon Prime and Crunchyroll.

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