There Was A Huge Spoiler Hidden In ‘Captain Marvel’ And We Almost Missed It

Captain Marvel has been successful in keeping its Box Office fame for another week. Captain Marvel made $265 million in the US and so far a total of $760 million worldwide. Captain Marvel was the last piece of the puzzle for the MCU’s most rated, upcoming film Avengers: Endgame. Marvel fans everywhere are desperate to see Carol Danvers in action against Thanos.

From what we’ve seen in the film, Captain Marvel’s powers are certainly the highest from the other heroes. She’s so strong that she can easily destroy an entire space ship all by herself. Although we’ve seen Carol Danvers for the badass she is, we don’t really know if she is invincible and stronger than Thanos or not. Most of us rarely noticed a major spoiler while watching Captain Marvel.

While Marvel’s head, Kevin Feige, was in an interview with Slashfilm, he answered our most mysterious question. Why Nick Fury didn’t use his pager before? He was further questioned about how Captain Marvel can face her future enemy’s since we know she’s the strongest.

As far as we know, Thanos is injured with a possibly functioning gauntlet. Moreover, since the Avengers are half of what they were before, they could use the extra help. However, Feige explained that after seeing Captain Marvel we shouldn’t be expecting her to be as strong as in the comics.

He further explained by saying:

“In future stories, well, none of the Marvel characters are immortal. Even ones that seem immortal, some people might be very hard to kill, but nobody’s unkillable. In future adventures with Captain Marvel, of course, there will be limitations and there will be Achilles heels and there will be things that we learn and see that it’s not as easy as a slicing through whatever she wants to at any point.”

This means that they simply presented Captain Marvel as the fans wanted her, unchained and unleashed. On top of that, everyone has their limits and no MCU hero is immortal. There will come times when we’d get to see Captain Marvel in trouble. Otherwise, nobody would enjoy a superhero who can defeat anyone easily. So now we know that Captain Marvel can be defeated or killed.

When Avengers: Endgame hits theatres in April, we are expecting it as the final fight for at least one of our heroes. The possibility for it to be Captain Marvel is extremely low, but we can’t say it impossible. Feige confirmed that no character in the MCU is unbeatable when it comes to death during a climax scene. One thing is for sure, the final battle between the injured Thanos and the remaining Avengers alongside Captain Marvel is going to take our breaths away.

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