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Things That Ruined The Attack On Titan Manga’s Ending

Things That Ruined The Attack On Titan Manga's Ending

Attack on Titan’s status as a legendary manga and anime may be unquestionably set in stone. But it didn’t stop it from having a surprisingly divisive finale. It was either a masterpiece in long-form storytelling or one of the most disappointing flops of recent memory. Here are some reasons that ruined Attack On Titan Manga’s ending.

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Not All The Dead Got Closure

During The Rumbling’s closing moments, some of the deceased Survey Corps made brief returns to bid their friends farewell. This was bittersweet for both the Alliance and the readers. Seeing the likes of Sasha and Levi’s entire squad one last time was touching. However, dead characters who arguably left a bigger impact were nowhere in sight.

Specifically, Marco and Ymir were missing. Their deaths nearly drove Jean and Historia, respectively, into despair. Whether they were alive or dead. Their absences were missed opportunities that only attracted more negative attention over time.

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Eren’s Masterplan Was Terrible

To free Edlia, Eren killed 80% of all life. He did so in such a way that only the Alliance could stop him. This, in turn, redeemed the “Demons of Eldia” to the world since they were the selfless heroes who stopped The Rumbling. The Rumbling would also theoretically scare the world from Eldia.

Instead of leaving Eldia alone, the surviving nations turned it into a target. Eren, thought he could end eons-long wars and prejudice through a single act of intimidation. Eren’s plan didn’t just backfire; it made things worse.

Leaving Everything In Armin’s Hands Is Too Risky

As a contingency plan, Eren deferred the rest to Armin. Eren believed Armin-the smartest person he knew and his closest friend—could broker peace and a place in the global community for Eldia. To say that Armin had an uphill battle, especially in light of Eren using what amounted to a superweapon, was an understatement.

While it’s nice that Eren trusted and respected his childhood friend. Leaving the future of an entire nation in one person’s hands was too risky. Realistically, even someone as smart and verbose as Armin couldn’t talk down a post-Rumbling world from blowing up Eldia in anger. This was unfortunately proven true by the epilogue.

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Mass Murderers Were Forgiven Too Easily

After listening to Eren’s justifications, Armin thanked him for becoming a mass murderer. This was meant to endear Eren to readers, but after killing most of mankind, sympathy was the last thing he deserved. Eren being a monstrous anti-hero was acceptable, but his being easily forgiven and even valorized was not.

Conversely, Annie and Reiner got new leases on life only after they did everything they could to atone for their atrocities and sins. When compared to Annie and Reiner or even the equally culpable Bertholdt and Zeke, Eren only got a slap on the wrist for ending the world and driving humanity to extinction.

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