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This Iron Man LED Act For America’s Got Talent Is Jaw Dropping

RDJ debuted in Marvel franchise with the blockbuster hit ‘Iron-Man’ in 2008. The popularity has immensely grown by leaps and bounds. But there’s nothing which can bring him back to on-screen — not even fans — but one Ukrainian dance troupe gave him an electrifying tribute almost as high-tech as his legendary suit.

Iron Man LED Dance on America’s Got Talent

America’s Got Talent has had many amazing performers over the years. This time Ukrainian dancer’s troupe was one of the favorite group. They put on a dazzling LED-filled show with dancing and choreography.

Now a younger group has taken the baton, working with one of the original members of Light Balance to form Light Balance Kids. Their debut performance was really exciting and did a definite great job in luring audience as well as judges.

They put on a jaw-dropping performance inspired by none other than Marvel’s Iron Man, and the Avenger would definitely have been proud of it, all to the sounds of Another One Bites The Dust by Queen (via SYFY Wire).

As the group went on stage to start, one member of the group dressed in a blue-lit suit and green hair. He looked almost like Tony Stark who had his trademark goatee.

Stark walks out to the Stark Industries logo behind him and the lights recreate his lab with a suit of armors behind him. A man dressed in Stark’s suit touches a panel and it opens up the Mark D suit.

The clip begins with the kids and their coach meeting host Terry Crews, and the coach talking about the troubles in Ukraine and the formation of Light Balance Kids.

As soon as kids leave the stage, a dancer dressed up like Tony Stark goes in dark and laboratory featuring various Iron Man armors. It looks like if he’s is choosing between the armors and after fiddling around a bit, the dancer then selects the iconic Iron Man armor.

The chosen armor separates into several pieces before the chests of the dancers light up.

The group then begins to dance to the tune of Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust,” dazzling the crowd and judges in the process.

Light Balance Kids also show off great choreography in their dance. Plus, the song used is a nice shoutout to Iron Man 2, with the actual dance showing love for Tony Stark’s armored alter-ego.

A Recap

Avengers: Endgame released about a month ago and most of the true Avengers fans must have watched it now. Still, we will let you read a recap.

“Endgame saw an end to Infinity Saga with a goodbye to some of our beloved superheroes. The movie has an initial five-year jump, showing the aftermath of infinity wars.

The universe is affected by the Snap of Thanos. With the remaining Avengers team, Iron Man lead to past to collect the Infinity stones and undo the Thanos’ snap, no matter what consequences may be in store.”

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