This Is How Fans Reacted To The Devil All The Time


Tom Holland’s psychotic thriller, The Devil All The Time, was released on September 11 in theatres and digitally released on 16th on Netflix.

Superhero Casting


Fans and the audience have mixed reviews. Holland and Pattinson are being praised on every platform. Even though the movie was very dark and something not every person would like to see, the film received many views just because of the superhero casting.

Halloween must Watch

The movie, according to so many tweets, makes you want to shriek. The first time Holland and Pattinson are recognized by the fans as actors who has mad acting skills.

Breaking the Bubble

Holland was always seen as the cute and adorable neighborhood Spider-man. Pattinson was still seen as the vampire dude who is effing hot. But what made every fan stand up with their jaws to the ground this time was definitely not how cute Holland was or how hot Pattinson was.


Artistic movies to Commercial

Pattinson has taken a dive down after Twilight got over and took time to come back to commercial films. But the actor established himself well in those years with artistic films which gained him praise and applaud from the critics. Now, this is the first time fans got to see his pure talent on the commercial side.

Image By Netflix

Southern Accent

While the fans were in awe of Pattinson’s country accent ever since the trailer released, it was no wonder they were clean bowled with his actions after the movie came out.

Winter Soldier is Here!


Even though the movie has not sat well with many fans, they are continuously tweeting about all three actors. Oh yeah, Winter Soldier is also in the cast, and you wouldn’t want to miss him play the dirty cop.

While the movie got praised for its background score and incredible casting, the critics have mixed reviews.

Always Adorable
As always, our Hollanders found something cute about Tom in this film too. Holland’s yawning in one scene and his hair cut has been widely tweeted again.

Ongoing Feud
Also, every Marvel on Earth knows about this funny feud between Tom Holland and Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan. Sebastian took the mantle from Anthony and had been having one heck of a time. Sebastian has even stated that chasing Tom (Arvin Russell) with a Shotgun was probably the highlight of his career (lol).

If you are not a thriller fan, you could watch it just for our Spider-man, Batman, and Winter Soldier. But caution, you will definitely not be sleeping for some days!

The reactions of the Fans



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