This is how Thor would be able to defeat ‘Thanos’

The moment Avengers: Endgame releases worldwide, it’s quite obvious to expect that everyone is going straight for Thanos. To undo the wiping out of half of all species and settle some personal scores, the remaining Avengers are gonna have to assemble for one last fight.

Perhaps, not all would need to do much effort as just Thor might be enough to get one last good aim to the head of the mad titan. After all, he’s one that got the closest to actually killing Thanos, in the climax of Avengers Infinity War. The following could be the reasons or how Thor would be able to defeat ‘Thanos’.

Death Of The Asgardians

In all of his movies, Thor has been going through a lot. Starting from the first Thor movie, with the death of his mother, until the moment Thanos kills the remaining Asgardians who just escaped from the burning ashes of Asgard.

In the climax scenes of Infinity War, Thor gets another go at Thanos and he does what he said he would make him pay. Unfortunately, it was too late for Thor to take his revenge after Thanos snaps his fingers and makes an escape. Therefore, what can be expected in Avengers: Endgame is Thor would finally show Thanos why harming the loved ones of the god of Thunder is never a good idea.


In both of Thanos encounters with Thor, Thor seemed worn out. It’s pretty obvious to be tired after you’ve just beaten the goddess of death or just killed an army of Chitauri.

Even after being worn out, Thor managed to go on beating Thanos, as far as no one has. So, the next time Thor sees Thanos, we can be assured that he’s going all out on him.

New Hammer

After Mjolnir was destroyed by Hela, Thor set out to find a new hammer and came back with Stormbreaker.

Stormbreaker is basically an upgraded version of Mjolnir, that can also spice things up with one side and smash with the other. It can also summon the Bifrost through which the Avengers will probably get to Thanos in Avengers: Endgame.

Going For The Head

We all know Thor is a well-trained warrior and has killed the fiercest of beasts, creatures, and monster like villains. Then why Thor didn’t simply kill Thanos? Maybe he was driven by hatred so much that he wanted Thanos to know who is the one to beat him.

The End Of Thanos

It’s not unlikely that Thanos hasn’t been killed before. In the comics, Thanos has been killed many times over, twice by Thor.

And so, in Avengers: Infinity War we can expect much more from the all-powerful strongest Avenger, to put a stop to Thanos slaughter fest, once and for all.

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