Thor Has ONE Same Power as Superman (But He Never Uses It)


Marvel’s Thor is the most powerful force, as God of Thunder is one of the strongest heroes in his entire universe. Meanwhile, in the DC Universe, some heroes or villains are empowered as Superman. However, in addition to the powers in the respective universes, the two leaders share the same power: super-breathing.

Thor and Superman

Kryptonian has Super-Strength, Super-Speed, Super-Hearing, can fly, practically invulnerable to attacks, has X-ray Vision and Super-Breath. Thor is also super strong and with his trusty hammer Mjolnir, he can fly in his own special way. One power that fans don’t know about him is that Thor once had super-breaths, but Marvel forgot about it.

Journey Into Mystery # 86 (1962) by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Larry Lieber, Dick Ayers, and Artie Simek tells us the story of a scientist named Zarrko from the future, who is upset to see that humanity is completely at peace. Zarrko wants to conquer his utopian society and build a time machine to go back to the early 1960s so that he could steal nuclear bombs.

After he successfully steals the ‘C-bomb’ and returns to the future, Thor travels through time (with Odin’s help) to stop the mad scientist. After being trapped by Zarrko, Thor confronts him. He pulls out a “delta-electron gun” in an attempt to send Thor into another dimension. Thor turns the gun blast with his own “big breath.”

Thor’s Superbreath

Thor’s “big breath” finally helps him in his quest to prevent Zarrco from bombing humanity. However, this superpower has never been revisited by Marvel. In the golden age of comics, heroes were given plenty of powers just for convenience. Like Superman’s “Super-Math?”

Thor’s super-breathing may not have the same freezing effect as Superman’s super-breathing, but it packed the same punch, as it gave Thor the power to produce a massive gust of air. Fortunately, in this story, it helped him locate the villain before dropping bombs in an attempt to win the world.


Who knows, maybe, one day Thor’s this superpower super-breath will be revisited – but, taking into account that it’s been more than half a century since it first made an appearance, you shouldn’t hold your breath.

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