Thor: Love And Thunder Is All Wrapped Up

Thor: Love and Thunder is all wrapped up

Thor: Love and Thunder is all wrapped up

“That’s a wrap on Thor Love and Thunder, it’s also national don’t flex day so I thought this super relaxed photo was appropriate… Lots of love, lots of thunder!” wrote Chris Hemsworth on Instagram, fanning the flames of anticipation for the theatrical debut of “Thor: Love and Thunder.”

Naturally, the MCU fanbase was quick to celebrate the news, proving their eagerness to check out the hammer-wielding feature in 11 months via social media.

“never been more excited for a thor film!” commented @fdfilms19, echoing a sentiment that so many are feeling now more than ever.

Thor: Love and Thunder is all wrapped up

Meanwhile, @DJARINLOKI said, “pls tell me loki will be in the movie,” crossing their fingers that the God of Mischief’s upcoming Disney+ series won’t be the last we see of him in the MCU. Twitter user @_Alexis__Alexis didn’t hide their confidence in Taika Waititi’s creative vision, adding, “It’s going to be amazing Taika is a genius.”

Bearing in mind his body of work so far, ranging from “The Mandalorian” to “Jojo Rabbit,” it’s hard to disagree.

Aside from the general excitement surrounding “Love and Thunder,” many had comments on the photo Chris Hemsworth posted, which included him wearing a tank top and supposedly not flexing his insane muscles.

“Who put the Hulk arms on Hemsworth? Who did that? Those can’t be his real arms… Nope…not believing it,” replied @NJRugbyGrl, followed by @ReactionRocket, who claimed, “Chris Hemsworth’s arms deserve their own check for this movie.”

“I hope the canon is, that Thor left, and became Hulk Hogan,” responded @dylonrobertson, combining two of Hemsworth’s upcoming projects: “Love and Thunder” and the Hulk Hogan biopic he’s starring in.

With “Thor: Love and Thunder” now in the can, so begins the long wait for its inaugural trailer. If the announcement of its completion sent the internet into a frenzy, just wait until that first bit of footage comes to light.


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