Thor: Love and Thunder- Mighty Thor uses Mjolnir in an intriguing location

When Will Thor: Love and Thunder Begin Streaming On Disney+?

At approximately the 1:47 mark of the “Thor: Love and Thunder” trailer, we see Mighty Thor, aka Jane Foster, holding Mjölnir high above her head. She summons lighting as she stands in a mysterious cave-like hall with large golden busts against the wall.

Because this is the MCU, these aren’t just some random schmoes put in the background for fun. While we don’t know exactly where Jane is at this moment, we do know it’s rather important because those statues resemble some of the biggest characters in all of Marvel Comics.


On the right side of the screen, we see the Living Tribunal in the front, on the right side of the screen. This multiverse guardian has been around since the beginning of time and boasts three heads: one uncovered, one partially covered in cloth, and one completely covered in cloth.

The multiversal being can balance good and evil within it, serving as a guardian to keep cosmic balance. Behind the Living Tribunal on the right is The Watcher, who “What If…?” viewers should know well by now.

While Watchers are a race of extraterrestrial beings, we can’t be certain who this particular being is, but there’s every chance it’s Uatu (voiced by Jeffrey Wright) from the Disney+ animated series.

Over on the left, to the very front, we see Death in her skeletal form. It might appear to be Red Skull at first glance, but he is somewhat lacking when it comes to the powers of those within this great hall. Death is another cosmic entity that embodies decay and destruction according to 1990’s “Thanos Quest, No. 1-2.”

Behind Death, there’s a statue that is a little hard to decipher, but it looks like this could represent Eon, yet another cosmic entity that embodies time itself. In the very back of the right appears to be Infinity, who is, you guessed it, another cosmic entity. She represents the entirety of space and creation, but each universe has its own Infinity, and there is more than one.

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