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Thor Love And Thunder: Thor’s Body Double Teases The Return of [Spoiler]


The bigger the franchise, the more likely someone will leak important details. Information is power, after all, and you can’t get more powerful than the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Often, audiences can rely on loose-lipped stars such as Tom Holland to accidentally utter some major leaks and spoilers, but nobody ever suspects the stunt double.

While Thor‘s main actor Chris Hemsworth has shared some news about the upcoming movie Thor: Love and Thunder, he has avoided spoiling important details, which is more than can be said for the man responsible for Thor‘s action scenes, Bobby Holland Hanton. While training for one of many stunts, Hanton decided to show off for the internet by filming his wirework on TikTok (via The Direct). However, he was caught wielding a very peculiar and iconic weapon: Mjölnir.

Now, far be it for anyone here to claim that Hanton is unworthy to lift Thor‘s signature hammer, but he clearly wasn’t supposed to display it since Hanton quickly deleted the video. Unfortunately for Hanton, the internet never forgets.

What’s the big deal with Mjölnir?

Many moviegoers might brush off Mjölnir‘s appearance in Bobby Holland Hanton‘s video since it came back in Avengers: Endgame. In fact, Captain America summoning and swinging Mjölnir was a big deal in theaters, so of course the weapon should return for Thor 4, right?

Except Endgame‘s Mjölnir was a time-displaced version that Thor summoned during a trip back to 2013. In order to preserve the timestream, Captain America returned the weapon to its rightful place at the end of the movie. The hammer was still shattered in Thor: Ragnarok and reforged into Stormbreaker, so why is Hanton using the Mjölnir prop even though the weapon has run its course in-canon?

One possible explanation is supported by Occam’s razor: Hanton is training with Mjölnir because the weapon will reappear in Thor 4. How and why? No idea. Then again, we know Natalie Portman will turn into another Thor in the movie (via Entertainment Tonight), so she might bring her own Mjölnir. But since Hanton is practicing with Mjölnir in the video, this does imply that it will Hemsworth with the hammer, not Portman.

For all we know, Hanton was just messing around with the prop, and he deleted the video to prevent audiences from getting the wrong idea. If so, that plan backfired spectacularly. Regardless, we probably won’t know the whole story until Thor: Love and Thunder hits theaters.

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