Thor: Love & Thunder Passes Ragnarok’s Box Office Domestic Total

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Thor: Love and Thunder have surpassed one of Thor: Ragnarok’s box office records. The Chris Hemsworth starring Love and Thunder has completed a month in the theatres and considering its ratings, the film has done well. Recently, the Rotten Tomatoes score dropped to 65%, making it the worst-rated standalone film on Thor. The movie currently stands at a 65% critics score. Previously, Thor: The Dark World was at the bottom rated at 66%. Both movies fall behind Thor’s 77% and Thor: Ragnarok’s 93%.

Not just that, but it’s also the second worst rated in the entire MCU, just above Eternal’s 47% rating. However, its reception at the box office has been better. it’s already surpassed the first two standalone films of Chris Hemsworth’s MCU character globally.

Thor: Love and Thunder

As reported by Forbes, Marvel Studio’s Thor: Love and Thunder film grossed $316 million during its most up-to-date weekend in theaters, officially sailing past the $315 million earned by 2017’s Ragnarok domestically(In the US). However, Ragnarok remains ahead of Love and Thunder at the global box office with a total tally of $853.9 million while the foremost recent entry in the Thor franchise has raked in $700 million overall.


Following its July 8 premiere, Love and Thunder surpassed the opening weekend box office of Ragnarok with a domestic total of $143 million in its first weekend, opening in 4,375 theaters across North America. While this is often below projections that the film would earn around $150 million, it still surpassed Ragnarok’s opening weekend haul, which bowed to $123 million domestically.

Thor: love and thunder



Based on those numbers, Love and Thunder were the third-largest opening weekend of 2022, coming in behind Jurassic World: Dominion with $145 million and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which earned $185 million. Love and Thunder’s worldwide total was $302 million and, comparatively, Ragnarok earned over $315 million at the domestic box office, making for a worldwide cume of over $853 million.

Lately, all the MCU films are box office hits. The trend started with Spider-Man: No Way Home, which garnered over a billion globally. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was a great success as well.


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