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Thor: The Dark World Initially Had A Completely Different And Far Better Ending

Original Ending Of Thor: The Dark World

Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World initially had a completely different ending – and it would have been a considerable improvement in the final release. Keep reading for Thor: The Dark World Different Ending.

Thor: The Dark World initially had a completely different ending. In general, the MCU has a good image for quality. However, there were quite a few early trips; and Thor: The Dark World is generally seen as one of the worst. It has one of the lowest MCU ratings on the Rotten Tomatoes aggregate review site, with a criticism score of 66%. Actress Natalie Portman, who played Jane Foster in the movie, found the experience of producing Thor: The Dark World quite unsatisfactory. The relationship between Marvel Studios and Portman worsened to the point that Portman left the MCU; she was unhappy about Marvel’s treatment of her friend Patty Jenkins, the first director selected for the movie. The script poorly portrayed Portman’s character.

The alternative ending of Thor: The Dark World, released in the Infinity Saga set, shows that this does not always have to be the case. It looks like Marvel initially had very different plans for both Thor and Jane Foster. And that would have been much effective.

1.Jane Foster’s Breakup With Thor 

Thor: The Dark World
Thor and Jane

The alternative ending opens Thor’s awakening on Earth, under his father’s protection. In this version, the battle for Convergence almost killed Thor, and he was unconscious for three days; Odin was afraid that his son would not survive the journey through Bifrost. This is why the Thunder God was looking after him in Jane Foster’s apartment. It gave Odin time to meet Jane, and he was impressed. He realized that Thor was not blinded by passion as he thought. Odin apologizes to Thor for doubting his wisdom. He later admits that he has made the right decisions in the Malekith case and proved to be worthy.

But Thor’s dignity comes at a price because he learns that Jane has decided they can’t be together. These three days gave Jane time to reflect and think. She concluded that love was not enough; they both have their commitments. Her commitment was her work, and Thor’s was the throne of Asgard. Initially, Thor resists Jane’s wishes, claiming that he is not burning for the throne, but Jane insists that this is why he will be a great king. They both eventually realize that they have been gathered to save lives, not to share them; they were, in fact, the defense mechanism of the universe, protection against the threat of Convergence. So Thor comes back to Asgard to take the throne of Odin, while Jane and her friends remain on Earth.

2.This Variation Ending Treated Jane Foster As A Firm Character

Thor: The Dark World

It seems that Marvel initially intended to bring the topic of romance to the center of Thor: The Dark World. Indeed, these alternate endings fit into reports in which they planned that Thor 2 would be their version of Romeo and Juliet, with Thor divided between his love for Jane and his loyalty to Asgard and the All-Father. It is impressive, however, that this version gave Jane Foster a real sense of agency. In the end, she breaks it. She is given three days to imagine what life would be like with Thor. And she realizes that it can’t work because they will always be drawn towards different directions. Thor is bound to take the throne of Asgard, but Jane would be useless there, and she can’t stand it.

Meanwhile, the alternative ending helps Portman’s sheer quality of play. She manages to portray Jane as a complex, conflicted woman, someone who loves Thor and yet knows what she must do. The message is exceptionally mature for stories about superheroes, who often indulge in romantic fulfillment, as a result of which the ending is bittersweet. Thor is freed to take the throne, and Jane Foster can continue her life. As Thor and Odin leave, Darcy suggests that Jane might have made a big mistake; this is a typical Darcy where she offends someone, but it perfectly expresses the doubts and uncertainty that accompanies romance in the real world.

3. The Concept Of Destiny Would Have Said More About Thor: Love & Thunder

Thor: Love and Thunder
Thor: Love and Thunder

Meanwhile, the alternative ending completes a subtle theme in Thor: The Dark World, which has always seemed a bit incomplete. In one early scene, Thor claims that he and Jane have combined fate; it was never developed in the final theater, but the alternative ending suggests that it was initially more involved. Thor refers to Loki’s comment, suggesting that the Trickster God also said something about his destiny. In the end, however, the Thunder God realizes that the love he shares with Jane is a universal defense mechanism, a fate that ensures life will be preserved, and Malekith will be defeated.

In some ways, it announces the return of Jane Foster in Thor: Love & Thunder – where she is intended to own Mjolnir herself. After all, it implies that fate has a significant effect on Jane’s life; although she and Thor believe that this is the end, there is no real reason why it cannot be developed further. Indeed, Brandon T. Snider’s novel ‘The Cosmic Quest Volume II: Aftermath’ – a related book embedded in the repercussions of Avengers: Endgame – revealed that Jane’s contact with Ether subtly changed it. It seems that Jane now has some cosmic consciousness, to such an extent that she felt the crack of Thanos, even if she wasn’t killed by it. She is no longer a mere mortal, and that could easily mean she was meant for something greater than she had ever believed – for example, wielding Thor’s power.

4.Marvel’s Loki Reveal Didn’t Have Any Benefit.

Thor: The Dark World

It is not difficult to understand why Marvel Studios turned away from this alternative ending; Loki died in the original version, killed by Malekith. “Loki’s death on Svartalfheim was written as death,” explained Tom Hiddleston. “I would say Chris and I played this scene for real. It meant that he had redeemed himself, helped save his brother, helped save Jane Foster, but sacrificed himself in the process.” Marvel came up with a better plan for the Trickster God, allowing him to survive and pretend Odin, and take over the throne of Asgard himself. This naturally had to be corrected in the other conclusions of Thor: The Dark World, because it would work better if Thor stayed on Earth. Hence the replays.

And yet Thor: Ragnarok was not interested in developing this idea; he doesn’t spend a lot of time researching Loki’s rule. Adjusting the MCU to this other ending would not be difficult. Thor could still return to Earth in Avengers: Age of Ultron to personally acquire Loki’s Scepter and then experience the play of Infinity Stones; he could then decide to leave Asgard to search the universe for clues as to who was responsible. Thor could quickly appoint Odin as regent in his absence – and Odin can still be replaced by Loki, which means that almost everything played the same way. Marvel didn’t hit the trick when they finalized Thor: The Dark World again.


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