Tokyo Revengers Chapter 223 Release Date and Spoilers!

In the previous episode of Tokyo Revengers, we witnessed some heart-wrenching scenes and left us in suspense. This has made many viewers anticipate the release of the next chapter. We bring you the latest updates of the upcoming release i.e Chapter 223. 

The manga is created by Ken Wakui and was serialized in 2017 under Weekly Shōnen Magazine by Kodansha. The anime adaptation premiered in April of this year. The ongoing season 1 is almost coming to an end. 

Both the anime and the manga have managed to capture the hearts of the fans. Read further to know about the next chapter.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 223 Release Date

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 223 is scheduled for release on Wednesday, September 22, 2021. As of now, there are no updates on the delay of the release. So it seems quite unlikely that it will be postponed. 

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 222 Recap

Takemichi and Draken

Here’s everything that happened in the previous chapter:

  • We saw a heartbreaking scene of Draken lying in a pool of blood while talking to the inconsolable Takemichi.
  • Draken gradually looks weaker and weaker however Takemichi convinces him that he will be fine tomorrow.
  • As they wait for the ambulance to arrive, Draken remembers his childhood days while Takemichi listens to him with tears in his eyes.
  • Draken expresses his respect and admiration for Mikey as even though he goes through a lot of pain, he makes everyone happy.
  • He also requests Takemichi to take care of Mikey and that he wishes he had done more for Mikey.
  • Takemichi accepts to fulfill all his wishes but feels nervous that Draken is sharing his final words.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 223 Spoilers

No spoilers have been released as of now and are likely to be available by Sunday or Monday. However, based on how it was left off, we can make some safe predictions:

  • The chapter ends with Draken on the verge of death, so we will see if Takemichi will be able to save Draken and change their fate.
  • If Draken doesn’t make it, then we can expect some intense heartbroken moments coming our way. 

Where to read Tokyo Revengers?

Kodansha and Mangamo are the websites available to read the raging manga.

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