Tokyo Revengers Chapter 225 Release Date, Recap & Spoilers

Tokyo Revenger Chapter 225

The long-awaited chapter is finally here! Tokyo Revengers 225 is set to release soon and fans are on the edge as Brahman and Rokuhara are on the verge of an all-out battle. Did Mikey turn up to calm down the situation? Or is he on a path of vengeance for Draken’s death?

Read on if you want to find out more details about the upcoming chapter of Tokyo Revengers; release date, spoilers, leaks.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 225 Release Date

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 225 will be released on October 6, 2020. Following the usual schedule of the manga series, we can expect the upcoming chapter to be released in 4 Days’ time. Hopefully, there is no delay in the production of Chapter 225.

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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 224 Recap

Here’s what happened in the previous chapter of Tokyo Revengers.

South appreciates his followers at the Rokuhara Tandai hideout, telling them they did a good job by shooting Draken. Takemichi asks one of the ambulance workers about Draken’s condition, following which the worker gives his condolences saying Draken was not able to make it.

Toman gang

On hearing this, Takemichi is speechless. Senju asks him what their next move should be but is met with silence since Takemichi is still in shock. Takeomi appears on screen and asks if the news he heard about Draken is true. 

The silence he receives confirms it and makes Takeomi vengeful. He says the Rokuhara Tandai have to pay back for what they have done. He gives Benkei the duty of getting everyone from Brahman instantly. Senju tells him that they won’t be able to fight that day. 

However, Takeomi says there would be no other better time since Draken was just killed. He tells Senju that it is no longer about being number one.

As this conversation is playing out, Rokuhara Tandai arrives. South says they appeared at the right time to attend Draken’s requiem. The fight is about to start when they hear the sound of a motorcycle from a distance. Mikey makes his appearance on the screen.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 225 Spoilers

The previous chapter of Tokyo Revengers has left a lot of questions unanswered. Terano has arrived at the scene of Draken’s death and he has brought his whole gang along with him. 

Takeomi is also fueled with vengeance and proposes to take on Rokuhara. The death of Draken has certainly affected Takeomi and now he is hell-bent on getting his revenge. 

Tokyo Revengers MikeyHowever, at the onset of the fight, Mikey appears on his motorcycle. Mikey and Draken were surely the closest duos in the series. Even though he doesn’t show it, Draken definitely meant a lot to Mikey. This questions us how Mikey will react to Draken’s death.

Will Mikey’s entry prevent the two gangs from getting at each other’s throats? Or does Mikey have other plans and wishes to avenge Draken as well? All our questions will hopefully be answered in the upcoming chapter of Tokyo Revengers!

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Where to Read Tokyo Revengers 

You can check out Kodansha where you will find a list of apps and websites to read Tokyo Revengers. You can also download the app Mangamo to read Tokyo Revengers along with unlimited access to many other manga titles.

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