Tokyo Revengers Chapter 232 Release Date And Spoilers

What an exciting chapter the latest release turned out to be! The stakes are raised so high now with Mikey entering the picture and Takemichi seeing that vision of South being dead. It seems like Mikey’s dark impulses have some serious control over him right now and the panel was really well done. By the end of the chapter, Takemichi seems to connect the dots that Mikey might be the one to beat South to death. Will Takemichi prevent it? Hyped about Tokyo Revengers Chapter 232? Read on to find out more!

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 232 Release Date

As per its weekly schedule, Tokyo Revengers Chapter 232 is scheduled to release on Wednesday, November 24th, 2021.

Recap of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 231

In the beginning of Chapter 231, we see Kakucho facing off against Mikey. But Kakucho gets frustrated as Mikey remains still, neither defending himself nor making any offensive attacks. Mikey utters Draken’s name and calls him Ken-Chin, saying that he’s empty inside, shrouded by darkness and unleashes his dark impulses against a frightened Kakucho. This part was done really well as the scene truly gave off a sinister feel.

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Elsewhere, South and Senju resume their battle. South with a feral, excited look on his face exclaims that he’s feeling this great for the first time. As Senju charges at him, South goes in for his own punch instead but Senju dodges and lands a kick on South’s head instead. But South remains unphased as he goes on about wanting this to go on and on.

The second time Senju tries to kick South again, South deflects and hurls Senju away with such extreme force she spits out blood from her mouth.Takemichi looks on horrified at the turn of events. Then, South walks off and when he notices Takemichi is in his way, he doesn’t do anything but simply tells him to move.

This is when Takemichi suddenly gets a vision of a bloody South who’s lying dead on the ground.

In the current time, Takemichi looks at a perfectly fine South who’s walking away from him and wonders what that vision could mean. He’s surprised that a monster like him would ever be caught dead.

South comes across Kakucho lying on the ground and the moment he utters Kakucho’s name in surprise, Mikey shows up. Takemichi tries to connect the loose ends and, terrified, he wonders if the vision of South’s death has something to do with Mikey’s appearance.

What Can We Expect From Tokyo Revengers Chapter 232? 

There are no official spoilers yet. But we can expect an upcoming crazy fight between South and Mikey in Chapter 232. Whatever next step Takemichi takes will probably have a major effect on the future. Many fans are torn between wanting to see how Mikey will take down South or Takemichi stopping Mikey from killing South. Because if Mikey does go feral and kills in this timeline, he won’t be the same again.

But at this point, Mikey has lost everyone including all his siblings who are dead. And it seems like the dark impluses have taken control of him. So, we wonder how Takemichi will be able to save him. It’s possible that Mikey will be interrupted by someone when he’s about to defeat South, if not by Takemichi then by someone else.

Also, it looks like Senju took a solid blow from South’s attack. We’re not sure about the extent of her injury yet so she may still surprise us in the next chapter.

Where to Read Tokyo Revengers Chapter 232 Online? 

You can read the upcoming chapter and the rest of the series on the Kodansha website or the Mangamo app.

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