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Tom Holland Responds To Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield Casting Rumors


Tom Holland is notoriously known for giving out spoilers. Well, he has taken after Mark Ruffalo in that area, we guess.

He went from revealing small ones to suddenly revealing more significant spoilers, so Marvel always has him on a leash, and now he has gotten enough training to dodge the questions.

Spider-Man 3

Fans love Tom Holland for many things, and one of them would definitely be for giving them what they want even when he shouldn’t.

With a myriad of rumors surrounding the Spider-Man 3 movie, fans have been looking at Holland’s Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts and his every interview for spoilers.

Trained Holland!

While Holland has been nothing but quiet this time around, we may either guess that he has been trained now to be quiet, or he is just busy and doesn’t have the time, or simply that Marvel hasn’t told it to him yet.

Remember when he was given a fake script? Yeah, that’s how they handle Holland normally, so probably he has no idea.

But this rumor with Multiverse theory and Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire making an appearance has been out of control ever since they added Electro to the cast.

The subtle art of interviewing

Tom Holland was interviewed by Variety recently and was asked about Andrew Garfield, Tobey Maguire, and Kristen Dunst. He was asked if he has met them before (what a subtle way).

To which Holland answered genuinely and told the interviewer how nice they were to him and that he hopes they like his version of Spider-Man. Well, obviously, the interviewer was expecting a different answer.

“I never met Kirsten Dunst. I’ve met Andrew once, I met him [at] the BAFTA, and he was lovely. We had a good chat, and it was quite soon after Spider-Man: Homecoming had come out. He’s positive and nice. I bumped into Tobey a few times from different parties in LA, and he was also really nice. They seem to be lovely, really nice people. And um, I hope they enjoy our movie, I hope they enjoy my Spider-Man.”

Casting Rumors

And when they decided to ask him directly about the casting rumors of Garfield and Maguire, he dodged it. But he did give a little confirmation when he said it’s like Marvel to do something like that so.

Holland: Beats me; I don’t know. If they are, they never told me yet.”

Variety: “It will be just like they will show up, and people will just be there.”

Holland: “That will be something like Marvel would do. I’d watch that film.”

We are proud that Holland has learned the art of keeping a secret, but we are sad that we don’t have anyone to confirm theories and spoilers anymore.

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