Top 10 Fan Favourite Anime Characters


Anime has been a massive hit among teens worldwide. Anime, which originated in Japan, has got a worldwide stage and audience.

While there are too many thousands of anime available with millions of characters, fans have picked some favorite of theirs and have always stuck to them.

From the famous Ninja Naruto to Titan slayer Levi, fans have a vast pool of characters to pick from. Not every fan loves the same character, but most prefer the same character to be on their list.

Here we bring to you the top ten Fan Favourite characters of all time.

Itachi Uchiha 


From introduced as the rogue ninja to be later revealed as the best human ever to exist, Itachi is undoubtedly the most loved anime character.

Those still unaware of who he is, then don’t call yourself an anime fan.

Kakashi Hatake


Kakashi Hatake will remain in the top ten fan-favorite. From being the relaxed laid back sensei to the coolest Ninja around town, he made it all look like a piece of cake.

He is, after all, the sixth Hokage!

Levi Ackerman


The hot cop from Attack on Titan and one of the main reasons we watch Attack on Titan in the first place!

This Heartthrob gets third place in the list. Man…when will they show him in Season 4 of AOT??

Naruto Uzumaki 


From the lonely kid pulling all kinds of mischief to be seen to, becoming the strongest Ninja ever to exist, Naruto Uzumaki dominates our hearts, screens, and our minds forever!

The seventh Hokage of Hidden Leaf will always be our favorite Ninja!

Killua Zoldyck 


This cute deuteragonist of Hunter x Hunter is of higher-order in the hearts of fans. This ex-Pro Assassin and best friend (even though he doesn’t admit it) of Gon Freecss is ranked fifth in the list.



From full time roaming with the only mission to research for his book to later on revealed to be the best mentor and God Father of Naruto, Pervy Sage will be in our top favorite character list without a doubt.

It still hurts to see his death in the series even though we know he dies.

Shoto Todoroki 


The cool double hair color protagonist of My Hero Academia will be one of our favorite even though he is not funny and warm like Naruto or other leads.

He is also considered one of the hottest guys in the anime world (well, no argument)!

Shikamaru Nara


The guy who considers everything to be a drag did make sure to capture hearts. He went on from the lazy guy who dropped the Chunin Exam because he was bored to becoming the first Chunnin in the Naruto gang.



Pain was a pain in the butt! When he made his first appearance, that was the case, but later on, he went on to be the most genuine guy you would ever know.

After all, he just wanted peace!

Edward Elric


The youngest State Alchemist and the protagonist of the Fullmetal Alchemist series will hold the tenth rank in all-time favorites.

The guy who would do anything to look tall (even put up one strand of the hair, like an antenna) will be our favorite Alchemist of all time.

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