Tower Of God Chapter 533: Spoilers and More Details

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In Tower of God Chapter 533, the monster is ready to attack Bam. But he is devising some ingenious plan to contain it. Yama and Yasurachya continue their fight. Who will win? Will the monster devour Baam? Read this article to find everything about Tower of God Chapter 533. 

About Tower of God Chapter 533 

Tower of God is a South Korean Manhwa written and illustrated by S.I.U. Since June 2010, it has been serialized in Naver Corporation’s webtoon platform, Naver Webtoon. The Tower of God revolves around a young man named Twenty-Fifth Baam. 

Bam spent the majority of his life imprisoned beneath a vast and mysterious Tower, with only his close friend Rachel to keep him company. Now, Bam is devastated when Rachel enters the Tower. Bam somehow manages to open the Tower’s door and is willing to go to any length to see Rachel again, even if it means dying.

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Recap of Tower of God Chapter 533 

Since Chapter 533 has not been released, we can recap the events of Chapter 532. Baam is planning to get the monster inside of him. Baylord Yama and Yasurachya are involved in a fight. Yasurachya taunts Yama that there is a big difference in their abilities. 

Tower of God Episode 533

Yasurachya says that Yama is ignorant and knows nothing of the Lo Po Bia family. He says that “Traumerei” who was one of the family leaders did not recognise him as “beings”. However, he adds, that Yama’s father had vain hopes for him. He says that they are all insignificant creatures to Traumerei.

Tower of God Chapter 533

But Yama says that his father was not wrong and he passed on many things to him. He prepares to attack Yasurachya with everything he got. The game in the Cat Tower is over, much sooner than anyone had expected. 

Tower of God Chapter 533

Yasurachya installs a sealing device around Yama and leaves. He heads towards Corps Commander Rybolick. Meanwhile, Baam casts his spell and pulls the monster inside him. The monster finds itself in new environs and wonders why is there still too much space inside of him. 

Raw Scans and Spoilers 

Raw Scans for Chapter 533 haven’t been released yet. But we speculate that Yama will break free of the sealing device around him. It would also be interesting to see what happens to the monster now that it is inside Baam. Commander Rybolick’s arc is one to watch out for in the upcoming episodes. 

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Release Date

Although the official release date is not out, we are expecting it will happen soon. Keep visiting our website for regular updates.

Where to Read

You can read the latest chapters of Tower of God from Webtoon and thetowerofgod.


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